Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fishy Fishy Nick Kroll(and John Mulaney to a lesser extent) supposedly have a hit show. The same bullshit that underlies tig notaro stalking, cancer and career scams

I can't go to theaters and bother patrons to see their tickets, but if I did... I would be very confident that only a very few paid to see this show. I would bet that they were paid to fill seats.

The best evidence I can cite that this tuna idiocy's success is based on just more fraud - check out the youtubes where this tuna thing is featured... very very few views. All these so called "Tuna heads," don't seem to make any effort to access the tapes available. In other words, the impression Nick Kroll has somewhat managed to impart- hungry comedy audiences can't get enough has to be FALSE

I know I know I know... I don't think anyone in their right mind would say that I'm not a very observant person, or that I'm not a very very aware of what's absurd ... Soooo... I am very cognizant that very very few care about Kroll Inc, much less care much about Jules Kroll's gruesomely depressing son, Nick.

I am very aware how incongruous my loathing for a rapidly failing wannabe comedian can appear. It's farcical seeming for me to LOAAAAAAAATHE two mid level comedians like Tig Notaro and Nick Kroll. People would naturally not assume it's for good reason. They'd deduce that this is some sour grapes situation. And, yes I am bitter as hell about what was done to me due to Jules Kroll's influence- but that is not a sour grapes sitch. That is me agape at the idea that I met a sociopath named Stef Willen and from that short and unpleasant encounter - stepped into such a strange and deep rabbit hole. How that went down is for another day, blog! Back to Nick Kroll ...

 So gruesome and grim is Jules Kroll's youngest spawn - that it's almost pleasurable to witness his frauds and schemes and FAILED attempts at humor.  Not healthy for me, I'm sure. Not advised, I have been advised.

 But what can you do... I'm compelled to look at the nasty crime scene, over and over to make some sense... Who knows... PTSD they say.

This morbid curiosity is less so with Notaro - cause she's just so colorless... just a dim bulb who is overly ambitious and riding Nick Kroll very impressive coattails.

She a pathological liar and a sociopath, but so what...?

 Had it not been for Nick Kroll involvement and then "counsel" throughout - that's all she'd be and though she'd hurt my prospects and life... nothing remotely like what Nick Kroll could and did do would come to pass. She could do great damage to any hopes for a comedy career but she could not cause me the life decimating traumas of false arrest, false imprisonment, the scott boxenbaums, the harris wittels, the Kafkaesque Stalinesque competency schemes. It goes on and on and on, really.

She's disturbed white trash - who didn't have opportunities and had to make them for herself. He had ever privilege and every chance and he set upon me and my family, with zero reason to???? For kicks, is the only explanation. Kicks and cause he saw some opportunity in setting up Notaro with wins she had no reason to win.

There is pleasure in the grotesque as many can attest. The reason why you watch Showgirls etc. Reason why I keep seeking out more on Nick Kroll, though most understand already what a turd of fraud nick kroll is.

Whatevs... the point of this  post is to share this recent find... Watch it folks. It's no more than a minute -

Note that those people are not even heckling... Note how he is making actual threats against those who dare to accidentally talk, or even if they were being annoying... this is not the way a normal person would handle it.... Note how he not only harasses these so called "hecklers" but how he threatens that everyone will hate them if they don't behave (He did this in my case- so it's particularly nauseating)

 Note  how this dire douche is  implementing bathroom rules so.... Jules Kroll's son not have to deal with any interruption of his witless and nasty hosting uh uh performance.

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