Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Is Fatty Felise (Kalpakian), still in the fitness business?

If mentally, spiritually, and most importantly(for the purposes of this post) physically unfit Felise Cohen Kalpakian trying to steal more money from the unsuspecting?

Well, a sucker is born every second, so if you are a sucker to be- this is a public service. Your welcome, in advance.

I'll keep it simple:

Do not LET this notoriously, crooked,  wasteful, malicious, and incompetent cow( with apologies to cows. honestly) anywhere near you!

It's not just the fact that a fitness teacher should not have tremendous amounts of excessive backfat. No, it's not just that...

You see, when not trying to sucker others into having them pay her for some  "fitness," classes in her Burbank bunker - Felise AKA backfat AKA that sick vicious malicious prosecutor Kalpakian, steals vast amounts of tax payer dollars to close deals for the likes of Jules Kroll and Marty Singer

(via the commands of Jules Kroll's deeply creepy wannabe comedian son, Nick Kroll. In this case: to please cancerous cancer scam comic, Tig Notaro.)

Her crimes as a city attorney,  during the People Vs Spitzberg alone should disqualify her from ever being free, much less posing as an obese fitness instructor.
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