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Every month or so a Glendale IP reads this. It's got to be bad old Karla. Slightly revised caused of course... typos and not well spaced the first time.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Open Letter to Judge Karla Kerlin

Hey Karla,

Every time I write one of these open letter things, the Los Angeles Sheriff's department, gives them a read. So a shout out to those poor sods at the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. Poor sods because they have to put up with the nonsense of  narcissistic psychopaths like you, Stratton, and Jessner.

 Otherwise, I'm sure most of them are wonderful people. In fact, even Karla Kerlin's bailiff in Division 40 was on my side.

(That's a beautiful scene as Karla Kerlin made me sit in a cage in the court for NO LEGAL REASON a cute little bald guy bailiff ran to me and said, " Don't talk to your family." I gave him the stink eye and he continued... I don't want you to have her get you in any trouble. You are getting out to day you are getting out today, he was paying attention and he looked ecstatic at the prospect of me finally being freed.) 

Anyway, Karla Kerlin -  I see you have been sued again, and that they moved you to East Los Angeles. (Update: John Gregozek too now has bee moved to East LA, Boags, Maria Stratton,and Katie Ford were moved Van Nuys- but that's another story from the same story.) Basically, nearly everyone involved in my case was moved somewhere, shorty after the trial was over. Could be a coincidence or it could be there are some decent people monitoring some things in the courts- and it became clear to them that these people needed to be demoted, in some way.

 Soon, if there is a god-  you'll share a cell with your nemesis (and also your soulmate-) Anthony Pellicano in a federal lockup. Maybe Fat bastard, Marty Singer,will put money on your "books". 

Maybe the revolting, Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro, will get his comedian friends to peform  a comedy show for you and your prison, "Bunkie."

Deserved downward spirals are a good thing.  I've been busy too. Trying to get the story down to size-- so it can serve a higher purpose-- is not easy. But, I'll keep trying. As I toil waiting for that big break i.e all those investigations, I keep hearing about, blowing open the door on how very true were all my hard to believe allegations, I might as well vent to the Polish Spammers, or whomever might find their way here. 

Lots of hits with keyword, "Karla Kerlin." Here and there fun keywords like "Tig Notaro liar."  Lots of the hits seeking info about Karla Kerlin, are from a Charter Communication IP in Glendale. My gut tells me that it is former showgirl, then Dirty DA, and then dirty dirty judge who now does her dirty deeds in East LA. 

In other words, I have a hunch that Judge Karla Kerlin is looking herself up and wondering if I finally got it together enough to expose her sickening lawlessness in my case.  Very few would go to the depths that the AMBITIOUS ex showgirl turned sneering and viciously lawless judge Kala Well, Karla Kerlin, 

the PTSD you and your cronies proximately caused have led to delays, but since no one could move on from something like this, I have not moved on in any way that will satisfy you. I am hard at work on setting the scene and sharing the documents that involve your complicity in case 8CA10541. You by no means are the only bad guy. You will have plenty of company. Today, I will just write about you because of the stat counter. Why am I explaining myself to this treasonous shrew? Well, bandwidth is not a concern, and no longer must I fear that this deviant can make any rulings related to me or my family....There is no limit to what I can say, or do, as I try to recover from the vicious legal gang rape, where Karla Kerlin was a willing and grinning ring leader. No legal limits. Let's make that clear since feigning fear and inventing threats is a big trick in L.A legal land.

 Blogwise,I have a short term plan to focus on one villian per week(or day or month-- depending on my unpredictable schedule.) Today is not only donut day but blog a bit about Judge Karla Kerlin and hope and pray that something gives day. Hoping and praying she is unbenched or disgraced or imprisoned. She is deserving of all three, and it long  overdue.  Truth be told, my most persistent( and highly unrealistic) prayer is that you apologize to me and my family. How great it would be to believe that so many can't be so completely wicked.

 Oh, she's a colorful menace to society, that Kerlin. Her silly name contrasts with the serious threat she poses to society. Though it ruins the alliteration, Karla Diane Kerlin, is her more exact name. She goes by Karlatini and she has a pinterest account too.

Karlitat? how cute? if disgusting is the new cute. The idea of this ruthless monster who abused the law and the courts in the dirtiest and most brutal ways way imaginable-- giving herself precious screennames...

"Karla Kerlin," doesn't sound as criminal as say John Wayne Gacy. Her middle name isn't Lee or Ray or Wayne, as so appears the case with so many criminals. She looks kind of like a punk here but not like Richard Ramirez or anything.

Richard Ramirez is  more respectable. And, he's super evil.

A prefix Hon. often accompanies her name. Hon. being the abbreviated version of Honorable. Referring to Karla Kerlin as the Honorable Karla Kerlin is a misnomer in the first degree. Calling it a misnomer feels like a malaprop. It's so much more serious that merely a case of inadequate adjectives or insufficient descriptors.

When a woman seeks a career as a Deputy District Attorney, and then lobbies for position as a judge in a criminal courthouse, and this person operates solely on the principles of ruthless ambition -- as opposed to any sense of fair play, justice, law, humanity, decency.... the life and liberty of many people is at stake. 

As a felony prosecutor in Los Angeles, Karla Kerlin was given the power to use the power of the state to punish those who supposedly deserved punishment. No cost was to be spared and she knew this. All evidence then shows that Kerlin saw it all as a game, in which winning at all costs was the prize. I can't know how many people were screwed and jailed and destroyed by Karla Kerlin. But, I can guess that it could be thousands. Those she harmed when she was a Las Vegas Showgirl were negligible in contrast to the misery she caused as a Deputy District Attorney, and then as Judge. I bet she put glass in the stilettos of the showgirls who danced better. Or maybe, she was once in possession of a conscience. Nah!

When Kerlin was a DDA, she  was required to file charges she believed were valid. She also had to be confident such charges would stand up in court in the event of a trial .

 In the event of any compelling  evidence of a defendant's innocence, she was required to drop the charges. Not a complicated job description. If she suffered ethical lapses -- wanted to win for the sake of winning promotions or career advancement-- her ruthless lack of  ethics problems would entail that an innocent person could lose their reputations, their money, there standing in the community, and their liberty. If they dropped dead from the angst and stress, or were killed in jail-- they could lose their lives. She possessed a very serious responsibility and her abuse of it could decimate someone's life. 

And, I'm sure some were guilty of some crimes but her responsibility was to charge them with those she was confident she could prove beyond a reasonable doubt. There is some ambiguity as to what reasonable doubt mean,s but you'd hope she files every charge with good faith. i.e entertains no reasonable doubt that she is set to prosecute and innocent man or woman. She needs "probable cause," to believe that she is not prosecuting someone who is innocent. If she sees tons of exculpatory evidence exonerating the defendant -she is duty bound to do the right thing. 

Kerlin . Martin Boags, Jennifer Waxler, Bernie Brown ,Katie Ford,Richard Vagnozzi, and Felise Kalpakian want to win battles that it's a sin to win. Look at what happened to Martin Boags, Kerlin. 

Google Martin Boags Obituary, KK. Mother. Then sister and wife both dead at 38. Do you know when John Gregozek and the gang began to decimate my name, my life, my freedom - when I was 38. And now Martin Boags is left with one single sister. And her name is LIsa. My name is Alisa and it sounds an awful lot like Lisa. That's flaky poetic justice stuff and I'm sure you are lost now cause justice and poetry are completely foreign concepts to you.

Have you heard the plagues that were visited against the  false victim, Tig Notaro,in my case? Well, that sounds nutty, and she rose from the ashes, and continues her insane pursuits, but I am more than entitled to wish plagues upon you and those who allowed us to face such relentless injustice. I just sent god a wish . I wish that  a locust lands on your head on your way to "work."

You stole 800 dollars from me, not to mention the 14 k stolen when private lawyer didn't want to go up against and not to mention the big big damages that Judge Fruin saw,before getting the right phone calls.form Nick Kroll's "people" 

You even said that I'd probably be in custody again just to scare me. What the hell was that about?  Why would you not only be complicit in that dark age competency conspiracy, and then scare me and my darling mother more with, " If you're not in custody again." I never should have been in any custody to begin with, you disgusting snake.

I'm not the first victim of Karla Kerlin. And, I won't be the last. 

Karla Kerlin prosecuted a case against a Gordon Jones where she lost all 17 charges. More on that in a later post, because most don't know how that implicates the prosecutor who brought the 17 charges. In that case, the acquitted defendant sued Karla Kerlin for malicious prosecution etc. 

Instead of being held in custody (and contempt,) Ms. Kerlin slithered into a black robe when Arnold Schwarzenegger elevated her to the bench. Hmmmm. Marty Singer's favorite client appreciated her role in the Pellicano matter? I have heard that Marty Singer played a huge role in Schwarzenegger's choice of judges. In other words, Arnold owed Marty for cleaning up his MESSES and letting him have such a powerful position- and when it came time to pick judges Marty called the shots. I heard this from a Law Enforcement Insider. I sure believe it.

I bet Arnold Shwartzeneger's favorite lawyer, Marty Singer, saw a kindred spirit in this ruthless ex showgirl turned ruthless sex crimes prosecutor, and then a judge, who was so low down she would agree to Stalinesque competency schemes where a Holocaust Survivor had to face the specter of her daughter being forcefully medicated and sent to Patton.

 And for what reason? Only that she was innocent and wouldn't plea and only because she figured out the Lavely and Singer TMU connection. (update - Nick Kroll's family connections were the most powerful incentive for Kerlin et al's incredibly lawless and ruthless actions throughout.

Kerlin spoke to me at a sidebar(that was unrecorded, of course but the transcript evidence that a sidebar took place) and knew without a shadow of a doubt how competent I was. She ordered Robert Vanderet to order me to my destruction, so Karlatini could secure an even more prominent position, someday. You are no better than a Nazi, Kerlin. And, I want the whole world to know. And, they will.
Bye, and hope to see you dragged away in handcuffs ASAP,

Alisa Spitzberg
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