Monday, January 4, 2016

The muscle behind Tig Notaro's court and cancer scams does another commissioned by Jules Kroll fortune Reddit AMA
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I work for Kroll Inc. in real life, one of Jules' legacies. Back when it was still owned by him, Nick was starring in the new comedy 'Cavemen'.
Some overambitious do-gooder wanted to make nice and sent an 'all company' e-mail out encouraging everyone to tune into the show to help with ratings.
Needless to say an all company e-mail from HR went out immediately afterwards stating that e-mails are for company use only and not to encourage or discuss televisions shows, even though it's the owner's son's show.

Note: Kroll still has control of tons of companies. The investigative arm is now called, "K2 Intelligence." Also, I assure you this was not some random, "do gooder" this was very intentional, and likely the reason that Cavemen and then Kroll show got any ratings, at first. The email achieved its intent - get Nicky some ratings - and then best to cover up that kind of unseemly nonsense.

In response to how he gets the voice for his dismally lame, "CZAR" character -

(WTFFF Riff Raff??? A fraud billionairess son calls anyone, "Rif Raff"...Oh Nick Kroll you are such a fruity and loathsome sack of shit)

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Who or what was your inspiration behind the voice of the young generation, Mr. C-Czar?
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Riff Raff.
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