Friday, March 11, 2016

Holy shit - three years after the fact! Thank you so much "ex friend of Stef Willen"

So I have bad PTSD ,and sometimes I can't figure out how to do things that were really easy in the past. for instance- checking comments on things I write. Lots of stuff but that's one of them..

Today, I am revising and reworking my Kafkaesque Stalinesque nightmare-

and i remembered another piece of evidence that I forgot..

Namely, Tig Notaro and Stef Willen Normandie room story as told by Willen and then the letter of my "rage" that led to my uh uh spree of non crime....

So I go put a search word in and come upon this

I lost complete track of comments a good five years ago but I see three comments there and for whatever strange reason I decided to look and THIS

ex friend of stef willen

3 years ago
You need to post evidence like this. Willen and tig(ugh)tried to everyone that you were jealous in some way. the stories never made sense. i began to suspect her in many ways but this was the icing on the cake. She is a lost and depressed woman who needed what tig could give her. But, she didn't want to lie but was pressured to by loads of people. do know that she feels badly about what she's done. No excuses i know. It is a choice that she will have to live with for the rest of her life. but, it's really tig who is evil then her lawyers and those cops that they paid off. Stef is a jerk and a liar but she is not generally capable of what she did to you. As you know, she didn't lie about the push to the judge and she refused to talk to the investigator. She just thought she'd ignore it and it would go away. She thought you were gorgeous and a genius and it's a shame that you have been so slandered and lied about. These emails really were convincing. hope you keep fighting. good must overcome evil or we are all screwed.
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Whoa. So thank you for this Ex Friend of Stef Willen(very belatedly cause I never saw it till today) but as you know- no excuses. Please reach me by twitter if you'd like to talk more  @TrivagoD 

I'd appreciate that greatly.
If you read this do know that Willen not only confirmed the lie to police, when Martin Boags interviewed her on January 20th 2010, she created a whole bunch of new and degrading and vicious lies. In the time I knew herI did not think she was evil but that statement to boags leads me to believe that she certainly is very capable of evil. 

She also got a hell of a lot  of gifts and resume credits - from her lies. As non grudge holding and understanding as I can be, she really should never live what she did down.
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