Friday, April 1, 2016

Did Ken Marino punch Nick Kroll in the face and get arrested on the set of the League - Nick Kroll's reputable publication shtick will make sure you'll never have to know

    1. that "prank" when nick kroll called the LAPD on u was so HILARIOUS. must be tough to have to kiss his heinous yet SCARY ass

  • When you have Kroll Inc/securities/international/ enterprises blah blah blah on your side, and when your father and brother can and have fixed the press, the truth can be suppressed for an awfully long time.

    So here we have another story that seems as insignificant as it gets, on the surface.

    Two actor/ comedians on a cable channel( The League on FXX) have some incident on the set. The story: Ken Marino punches Nick Kroll and soon is sitting in a police car cause Nick called 911 Someone somewhere tweets about it and then that leads to a mention of it on Reddit then the AV club and Laughspin weigh in to tell their readers... move along nothing to see here.

    And this unimportant story goes away.hen it happened I had only know nick kroll as a name showing up as a key(but false witness) in the civil and criminal cases involving Mathilde "Tig" Notaro.

    But he was one of many, and I didn't see him as even a consequential character, cause so much was going on and I had no idea who he was other than a liar and some kind of comedian who had written the most vicious and false statement to prosecutors, right before trial.

    I had no idea then who is father and family where and how he was the most important reason I was getting so insanely screwed over and damaged.

    But when in late 2013 when by chance I did figure Nick Kroll's role out, I googled " LAPD nick kroll" and came upon the Ken Marino thing. My first thought was how this was no prank and how Jules Kroll was again throwing his weight around.

    But you know we have to rely on "reputable publications" when it comes to this or to tig notaro's cancer stories or nick kroll's career.

    Soon, I learned that when it comes to Nick Kroll or those on his list, reputable publications became not so reputable.

    Just two examples :

    that I believe stems from this larger scale arrangement -

    and for more:

    Considering that strange state of how real affairs were being spun or downright lied about, the ensuing articles in LaughSpin and the Onion's AV club had to be believed.

    It was a prank. Nothing to see here. No story worth telling. No mention of how Nick Kroll's father is Bill Bratton's boss and how much power he has in the LA law enforcement community. Of course not.

    And, that is why I think this profoundly uninteresting story gets interesting. How did it come about that three(or more) "reputable publications," dismissed it as a prank. Yet, years later in a random twitter exchange Ken Marino writes me that Nick Kroll knows what he did and has changed cause maturity or uh ... fame...? That is not language used to describe a fun prank from way back.

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