Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hey comedian Chris Fairbanks, Is Nick Kroll going to cut off cancer scamming psychopath "Tig" Notaro? Well, about time if so...

My god that unclean looking sideburn/fringe on Notaro turns the stomach. At least wash that fringey thing, Matilde

Has Nick Kroll decided that this destructive liar deserves to talk to his hand in a meaningful manner?

Nah. Out of spite, Nick Kroll, will keep funding and plotting - how to turn this stale old lox AKA tig notaro into something... uh... famous.  He already got her rich by concocted a novel cancer scam with the likes of Louis CK involved.

All the fame that billions and connections can buy. talent or charisma not really necessary. And, look there's a guy that has a restraining order on me for absolutely no rational or legal reason - Chris Fairbanks. Nice seeming guy. But hey Nick Kroll and his rancid BFF Tig Notaro have made him promises and given him goodies he can't reject. I don't really blame him and he did act decently throughout. He did tell me he never lived with Notaro. Of course, Alissa Malzman Sterling chose to do nothing with the fact that both Thomas Sharpe and Fairbanks confirmed that Notaro added them to a restraining order for no godly reason..

My theory as to why Notaro not only wanted a bogus and malicious restraining order but had these three guys- Thomas Sharpe, Chris Fairbanks, and Kjell Bjorgen -included is 1. Nick Kroll and Notaro surmised that these guys would be amendable to lying in court if the time came.

2. It might have served some strange purpose if I ever ran into any of these guys by accident if I kept pursuing a career in comedy.  Since I never saw them, I might accidentally talk to them and then Notaro would get Lavely and Singer to try to use this to further destroy my life.

More on how that went down here:

and here:

Read to see not only how amazing it is that Notaro included those guys. But, how the defense lawyers repeatedly made no effort to use the  INFO that Notaro invented roommates and they were restrained from me but they were NEVER her roommates. That's the most insane and basic lie(out of what would turning into dozens of lies) that also was perjury- that led to a malicious prosecution that Kafka would not imagine.
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