Thursday, April 13, 2017

a decent start

Stef Willen did everything one should do when faced with a stalker. According to court records, she ignored the stalker. Then though no detail is provided about any phone calls made by the stalker, she'd tell two different prosecutors that indeed she had had to change her number.  We can only imagine how much harassment and fear was present to necessitate the change of such a number. Call after unreturned call. Heavy breathing? Threats? Terrifying menace, of course.

Luck being one of life's relative concepts,Willen was said to have been stalked in Los Angeles. So when faced with with what is regarded as a terrifying form of menace- The creepy obsessive stalker who simply won't take hints as they pursue so pitifully their prey - Willen could call upon a World famous police unit to best assure her safety.

Many remember the tragic fate of promising starlet, Rebecca Shaeffer and many remember the name Robert Bardo too  -the madman wracked by delusion and spite. A waste of space kind of psycho who cut short the life of such a beautiful and promising star.

That case was so publicized and so shocked the public's conscience that it became clear that special measures would have to be instigated to adress the uniqueness and severity of this crime. A unit had to be created to prevent, and if worse came to worse and the stalker was able to harm his prey - prosecute such crimes.

The Unit was given the name The Threat Management Unit and soon thereafter acronyms followed to make saying the name easier. TMU. Pretty testicular sounding and that is a good thing when a unit must convey such an approach against the most deranged of our species. Let us pause for a second to consider what Stef Willen must have felt.

Stef Willen could have well fancied herself similar to Shaafer.  The case would have been made without too much scoffing on anyone
es part. Pretty,smart and also had come to LA to seek fame and fortune as an actress.  Willen hadn't yet been cast in a vehicle that made her any kind of househould name but there was plenty of time for that . At  the time of this stalker, she had starred in a film that had yet to be released.

To be continued (and lots of editing expected cause I just got idea that this would be a good start of an essay or a book and just wrote it in about ten minutes.) Be patient.
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