Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ah it's good to be the King - Jules Kroll's gruesome gay son now using epic Jules Kroll power to molest Stephen Colbert

Before I launch into another post about someone I should never ever ever have even known existed, I feel I must make it clear what I mean by gay, in the subject line, so the trolls don't try to misrepresent: I mean literally gay. I mean gay as in Nick "Jon Lovitz's homelier brother," Kroll sleeps with men any chance he gets, and never so much as kissed Amy Poehler much less dated her.

Now let's get to how gay Nick is once again abusing the power granted him by being Jules Kroll's son to foist kisses on talented actors and comedians: Here's the latest incidence. It's at the end of the video, according to the accompanying comments section.

Can't say it was to my dismay cause nothing about him and his machinations surprise me anymore. Still, it's very sad to see a man with Stephen Colbert's talent have to succumb to the astoundingly repulsive advances of Nick "my checks always clear," Kroll.

I didn't see the video even, cause too gross and too frustrating to see how far Jules Kroll's unsightly son can go on his father's ILL GOTTEN gains, but I did look at the comments and not to my surprise, Nick Kroll is kissing Colbert mafia style...

It's not the first time Nick has bought himself all sorts of famous kisses( from those who likely then had to use professional grade mouthwash(and bleach even) for months to try and rid themselves of the epic foulness that has just besmirched their poor poor poor lips.)

In 2009, Nick began this strange and unsavory kissing practice:

Not only is the above video replete with mind blowing amounts of lameness, and molestations by Jules Kroll's diseased youngest son, but ask yourself why he's even there. What career did he have till that point (2009) that would lead up to this impressive gig? Answer: None. No stand up career of any repute. Not one known bit even. The Caveman show was a flop by then, and the reason he got that too made no good sense if you don't understand who his father is and how his father can pull strings.

Short real reason: His father's stake in GEICO led to that casting. But, how I believe that went down exactly is for another post. For now, please just pay attention to how Nick is forcing kisses on these poor real celebrities.

And here's a very curious video where Daniel Tosh slips in Jules B. Kroll's name on the check on check. Check out minute 8:15

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