Monday, April 24, 2017

Newer Theory on Tig Notaro's missing breasts - FTM. Grow a beard, girl. Make it even more obvious, please.

At one point, "Tig" Notaro really pulled a fast one when she went on a stage, ripped her shirt off and burdened a poor comedy seeking audience with the sight of what they had to believe were mastectomy scars.

It must have been gross and bizarre to those who came for a night of laughs, but it did seem to succeed in its mission. Notaro's mission: silence the skeptics - that suspected her whole cancer story was a sham. Entertainment Weekly was so suspicious, they pulled an already ready web series. Ellen wouldn't book her. And so on.

After the stunt, they ran the webseries, and Ellen finally submitted to the pressure put on her by "Tig's people."

 Who knows how many more in the "business," needed such a stunt to be convinced, but I can see a pattern of how her career was going before, and after that grim bit of anti comedy pathos/ cover up.

Before this new theory, I'd thought finding a picture of her with breasts after her supposed surgery was a busted moment, so to speak.

Then, I thought finding her facebook post -where she was looking for a make up artist - the night of that publicity stunt/cover up -as the smoking gun, but then I heard she was flashing those scars again and again in all sorts of specials, and even in a magazine feature

(I just learned of this today actually when looking for pictures of her in a suit. So much wrong with that picture but that's for another day.)

Check mate or chest mate, or whatever the hell you call it when you are witnessing a particularly insane form of fraud. And the fraudster has long been teflon due to her special friendship with the son of Jules Kroll. A friendship even more super special since they conspired in a criminal conspiracy together in the Los Angeles Superior court.

I still have no doubt that Notaro is still engaged in a cancer scam, but I have no choice but to revise the theory in light of newer thoughts and images ( the one where she's close up and topless in particular.)

I think she did cut off her breasts. I don't think she cut them off when she says she did, or because they were cancerous, but now she no longer has them because she is transgender and she is transitioning.

I think so for various reasons:

1)  Notaro is now exclusively wearing really manly clothes in every image I've seen post "mastectomy."

2)She she chose not to have reconstruction.

(I can't speak for every woman, but as a woman I can't fathom not getting reconstruction. Her you go girl blah blah blah bullshit sound bite of a reason was, " I am more comfortable with scars than fake boobs."  That might endear her to those not paying close attention or those who like that kind of you go girl Jezebel reader kind of trifling fakeness, but...

3) In the absence of reconstruction, she immediately was so comfortable being without breasts? So much so that she appeared to go out of her way to wear form fitting tight t shirts on any public appearance

4) A Stef Willen told me that during their long relationship, she never "had sex with Notaro." I didn't really care to think about that strange comment then, but now I think it meant that Notaro didn't want to be touched or whatever cause she regarded herself as a dude.

( sidenote: Odd too that Notaro needed both breasts off cause she claimed to have stage 2 in both breasts. What are the odds same stage in both. I guess it's possible but I'd guess that the Notaro just wasn't in the mood to create a more elaborate lie in that instance and just went with the, " uh uh yeah uh uh same uh so uh" thing.

What forty something woman wouldn't choose reconstruction?Then, what straight or gay woman would be so proud of how flat her chest looks. This sounds like something only a FTM might relate to.

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