Thursday, May 4, 2017

I give up...Samantha Jessner's promotions and assignments are something you'd only believe happen in Breaking Bad

Well, I give up for the next few minutes, at least. When witnessing such high grade evil, how can you totally give up?

So instead of being jailed for agreeing to and participating in Stalinesque schemes (where the goal was to render non guilty defendants incompetent - if they wouldn't take  plea bargains- that would insure they couldn't sue ) Jessner is now described as some judicial ethics expert. It's too sinister and strange to stand.

In my case, Jessner started that process in the misdemeanor court, and a judge Maria Stratton -- who  sat in Division 95 --  was entrusted with closing the deal. A few years later,  in another case, Jessner was moved to division 95(which was terrifying in itself)and she was entrusted with closing that deal.

 Samantha Jessner is the daughter of Patricia Phillips. Patricia Philips is the head of the California Bar. She is married to a federal prosecutor named Gregory Jessner.  Add the fact that Jessner has done everything to please many corrupt prosecutors over the years, and she really has made many important friends, who will vote her into positions that are comical if they weren't so tragic.

To see Samantha Jessner in charge of ethics, when she should long ago have been in prison - with the public outraged to the level where they take up pitchforks... well it's a special kind of hell to witness this, and be too powerless to make it stop.

I intend to return to this post and spell things out cause my case demands spelling out cause so many in context, twists and turns. But let's say I drop dead before I can summon up the energy to try to keep trying to express Jessner's MALFEASANCE, I'll put this up and hope someone can make sense of it. Basically, Jessner is following no laws. She is having illegal ex partes with out fear of consequence, since many public defender were there to witness this. She is either complicit at this point or just so corrupt that she will give prosecutors whatever they want. The Melissa Balin case that followed makes me think she was complicit.
Martinez-- no scheduled hearing as witnesses by transcripts and then the minutes though the minutes are not reliable in this case
Big problem, reader. Motions were filed by men but they  were  not put on the record and not set for hearing . 
What will happen next is as kangaroo as it gets 
pg 2

pg 6  

Talk about what happened and how Felise Cohen Kalpakian told me it was an evidentiary hearing and so I did't need to be advised of it.
Show minutes and how no motions were set to be heard. 
Send me back to Jessner- the judge who gave them exigent circumstance search warrants without any law or probable cause to have regular 

Something else was drafted up that day
September3rd 2009
Filed all the motions I could manage in this time span - motion to have 2 doctors etc.

Go to the mental health court and the judge says that since Judge Jessner failed to appoint counsel - I had to go back to the criminal court

 Enter Judge Karla Karla Kerlin-

No sight of Mary Lou Villar. No Jessner. And she was smiling this new judge.  Karla Kerlin. Maybe this judge with the kind smile and the alliterative name would be the one to make it all right.

What really happened at that unrecorded sidebar?
So they wised up. Jessner gave an order to put a stop to this ..... this what?
Boags. Let's talk about Martin Boags, son of Judge Charles Boags and the boy that got his father unbenched cause he wanted to be popular at Bevery Hills High - insert Martin Baogs links and explain his behavior on August 12th and September 8th

Well, Martin Boags was supposed to be on vacation or maybe he found this out out before vacation-

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