Friday, May 26, 2017

Kroll Cop John Gregozek should be in prison rather than probably framing more innocent folk

So according to Notaro, me and my sister ran around the block a few times and screamed homophobic threats and due to that - Largo had to be on lock-down for many hours or one hour or an hour and a half on a Saturday night. The only thing consistent about her account is that the Police were called, came, and that me and sister were gone when they arrived.

A year and a half into the malicious prosecution, a Martin Boags, would order the documents he must have thought existed. He must have ordered them to bolster his case when he felt the competency scheme had fallen through and the case would have to proceed t to trial. Why Waxler or Boyer or any of the listed prosecutors didn't order it is not known but I'd guess they had counted on a plea and just didn't think it was worth their time...

This is what Martin Boags would see on September 14th 2009

So Notaro lied. Then Michael Griffee Lied at the restraining order hearing. But, what's the most shocking is that John Gregozek invented an incident number to begin with that never existed. No incident numbers of any kind existed in this case so what was John Gregozek doing here?

So Gregozek didn't include any incident or police report for that date. But did write it as if it occurred and any one reading would feel safe in assuming that it happened. I did. I just assumed they must have left cause we weren't there. 

Why would Gregozek just not check with those cops? When he found out they didn't exist why did do everything he could to give the impression that Notaro was telling him the truth and he'd vetted it? 

It will become particularly  suspect and conspiratorial when he'd add a faked number for April 20th 2008.

 There was no incident or police report ever made of that night and the cop who informed them why (cause "no crime occurred and because she knew Notaro was up to no good) ended up dying three days after that was made known to them and Alissa Malzman Sterling).

Whose testimony would get them into massive trouble if Montalvo could testify as to what her take of that night was?

John Gregozek, Mathilde "Call me tig cause I suck so very much" Notaro, AND Nick Kroll(who gave a long detailed statmeent making up all sorts of crimes and horrors)

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