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This should have been more than enough to have "Tig" Notaro put in jail for lying to the police and perjury but due to Nick Kroll's influence .... not even close

Tig Notaro /Heidi Feigin evidence- Ira Glass , Hillary Redmon,and Louis CK-you are assisting a vicious sociopath.

A lot of searches for "Heidi Feigin."  I do hate to have to use her name because she is one of the few honest people in this is mess .  She is from the "I don't want to get involved" school. But, her help and honesty only lend dignity to her name. I imagine she wouldn't see it too differently, considering the circumstances that surrounded Tig Notaro's big big lies, and considering that Notaro was nuts enough to direct Hunter Seidman to call her and try to intimidate her out of testifying to the truth at a criminal trial. According to Alissa Malzman Sterling, that rightfully pissed Ms. Feigin off. Now, Ms. Feigin is the agent to Amy Shumer, who is housing that mealy miscreant bed bug of a woman, and so the strangeness goes and goes. A useful link:

These were not misunderstandings or small lies based on confusion . There were not lies that could be justified by any excuse. Tig Notaro lied about every single thing, and then was able to get judges to sign on to her lies. She was able to do so because she retained a law firm called, Lavely and Singer. They were able to set all sorts of very greasy wheels in motion.

Some have a hard time believing that she lied about everything, and want to assume that she had some reason, some rationale, at least. But, barring sadism and sociopathy, there really isn't any. Notaro wanted to hurt and damage someone that she was told was fabulous(by another sick woman named Stef Willen) and that she must have seen as some threat to her career and other goals. Notaro is a classic pernicious narcissist, and I was in the wrong place and the wrong time.

It is obvious that Notaro expected Heidi Feigin to lie for her because Tig Notaro thought she was so valuable an asset in showbiz land. Otherwise, she wouldn't keep repeating this so easily disproven lie. The only other excuse could be that Notaro suffers from delusions and sees William Morris agents standing and being attacked when no such scenario took place. Maybe she is so hopelessly insane that she feels pushes that don't occur ,and sees police right before her very eyes and sheriffs too-- when they never existed. Hmmm. Maybe that's it but she certainly is not discussing her delusions and schizophrenia as the reason behind all her madness, so no pity here, just yet.

Hey, if she ever comes clean and admits to paranoid schizophrenia than sure ..... that will make her more sympathetic. But, she hasn't, and she would like to make it so her victims are the ones who are paranoid or even schizophrenic, so no mercy here for now.

Open Salon went to the birds so here's a very clearcut way,I think, of presenting just one of the lies of Tig Notaro. There are so many more. Every sentence uttered by her, EVERY ONE, was a lie and she got away with it because of Lavely and Singer and some seeming "luck" on her part. I have to believe that her alleged series of misfortunes are karma. I have to believe a lot in order to cope with the specter or such a cruel and criminal creature as Tig Notaro, getting away with murder, year and year. I seriously wait to hear about her complaining to the Huffington Post about locusts next. Seriously silly, I understand.

I am working on getting out the whole story so it can be shown why Tig Notaro has been able to use clearly eronneous court blah blahs to make it somehow look as if she has any innocence in this matter.  In fact, she is as guilty as sin , and there is no ambiguity to that. Her guilt is so overwhelming that it is absurd that she is free to spread more lies and hurt more people. Her whole cancer shenanigans seem so absurd too . It all seems to be playing out as a farce. Such improbable and insane twists and turns.

It comes down to such basic things, really. She made up everything to get a phony restraining order. When I sued her for defamation ,she had to do something, and so she created a violation in retaliation. Then, when I continued to fail to plea when innocent she and her lawyer kept up the dirty tricks in the hopes that each one would do the trick. They kept getting foiled by conviction and by what appears to be even miracles.
The dirty tricks are too hard to believe just now. One would have to be privy to much more information for it to be understood.

Why would Tig Notaro do this? Many, of course, would want to know. I can't answer them. I can only tell the truth and show how clearly anyone caring about truth could see that she was lying from beginning to end.

I can only surmise that she did so because she is mean and crazy . That is all that can be deduced when just using evidence and common sense.None of us every did a thing to her or anyone she knows. A bad fling was had with someone she knew, but one doesn't then begin to create incidences and violence, and get people jailed for that, so there can't be any understandable explanation absent sociopathy. All benefits of doubt have been allowed her, believe me.

Tig Notaro was caught red handed in her lies and she was able to get away with it . That simply defies any sense of fairness or justice, and it can't stand. The words "grudge" don't apply. The concept of letting her just get away with by "moving on" don't apply in this case. They apply to most others . But, not to a case where she stole my name, tons of my money, my liberty, my peace of mind, my pre PTSD self etc.

If any reads the Heidi Feigin Evidence, alone, and still sees fit to keep defaming on the internet, then they are hopeless. They also only help me with the federal suits I intend to file so that's okay too.

Open letter to Amy Schumer, talk to Heidi Feigin

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Another odd discovery: A comedian named Amy Schumer is coming to the rescue of Tig Notaro. I do not know Ms Schumer or her comedy, but she looks like a nice person. Oddly, she is represented by Heidi Feigin and Ms. Feigin is one of the few people who know what a shameless and evil liar is Tig Notaro. I feel it is my duty to warn Ms. Schumer that she is letting a dangerous sociopath into her path. Being beset by plagues does not change a dangerous sociopath, as far as I am aware. Absent Notaro's admission of her guilt( i.e she invented a cruel series of lies against a total stranger and destroyed this person's name and career ,)there will probably be more plagues and I'd hate to see another innocent person get harmed. The agent mentioned below was Heidi Feigin.
What is put on the internet for all time ,but which is a complete sham that could have easily been prevented. the first paragraph one got a strangely large amount of readers and so I hope this does too because hey who doesn't want to reveal the truth to as many people as they can when it affects every aspect of their life.

Appelate court unpublished decision put on Internet. 
On the evening of April 7, 2008, after Notaro performed at Largo, Spitzberg approached her and asked Notaro if she remembered her. Notaro said that she remembered meeting her and that Spitzberg had been aggressive and had pushed her. Notaro then said she did not want to talk to Spitzberg and told Spitzberg to leave her alone. 

Notaro From Police report –April 7.2008- given April 30th 2008

On April 7, 2008 Notaro was performing at Largo. At approximately 2130 hours Notaro was talking to her agent when Spitzerg stepped in front of her and stated, “ You remember me?”

Notaro’s statement in Affidavit to obtain restraining order- April 7, 2008

On the evening of April 7, 2,008. I performed at Largo in Hollywood, CA.. After I got off stage alisa approached me to ask if I remembered her. I said plainly, “Yes, I do.” And then continued a conversation I was having with my agent.

transcript testimony of Notaro of april 7 –gets date wrong but insignificant

Notaro’s statement about april 7th to investigator for PD given in January of 2009

Sometimes during that evening Notaro said she had seen Alisa sitting inside of this club and near the bar area. Notaro advised that her brand new agent Heidi was also in attendance to see her perform her comedy show. After her show was over Notaro said she was in the audience and she was speaking to her agent. 
All of a sudden, Notaro stated that Alisa then walked up to the two of them and said, “ Do you know who I am?” Do you remember me? Notaro replied back to her and said, “I know who you are .

Notaro’s statement to Martin Boags, City attorney o 12/16/09
The witness confirmed the contents of various police reports written in this matter. The witness added the following.
The witness was talking to her agent, heidi Feigin from the william Morris Agency. The parties where at Largo when they were at Fairfax. The defendan’t asked Ms. Notaro’ “ Do you know who I am. Ms. Notaro responded, “ yes leave me alone.” Defendant stated, “ I don’t think you remember me.
Ms. Notaro responded, “ I remember you. You shoved me., ‘ get away from me.

Heidi Feigin- was notaro’s agent and went to see her that night. investigator’s report for public defender.

When asked if this female subject caused any trouble at the show at Largo at this night in question, Feigin said no she had caused no problems on that particular evening. She stated she had just sat at the back of this club and next to the bar while watching the show. When asked if she had seen this unknown female subject ever make contact with Notaro on that night in question, Feigin said no. When asked if she knew the unknown subject’s name, Feigin once again stated no.

What this agent, Heidi Feigin told my public defender in March of 2010 during the criminal trial stemming from these lies-

"Nothing what Tig said was true AT ALL(pd's emphasis) and I don't understand why Hunter Siedman( apparently Tig's Manager) is calling me and saying, "Don't testify for the other side,"

My side of this: I never bothered this person nor would- I had no reason to dislike her and I didn't. What Hunter Seidman did is very big and bad but so far he has remained unprosecuted for obstruction of justice. Notaro invented this whole thing and yet the minute she obtained the law firm of Lavely and Singer she was allowed to trample me and my family and take away so many of my freedoms for so long. Notaro is a ruthless sociopath and got other ruthless sociopaths on her side.Her lies led to a two year odyssey that will get told but since the first paragraph got so many reads I'll post this.

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Is there any chance that this Notaro ragbag can be evaluted mentally or is that reserved for those being accused? C***st Ferns. Set of an M80 with her name on it this weekend. How you go through this and still maintain your level of sanity is beyond me. ~R with lots of continuing love. xxxooo
Courage Fernsy, my friend. You are a rock and a saint. I hope there is peace to be found within you as the insanity rages still. I commend you and pray for you....hang in and on.....
Ferns, I'll project Notaro's face unto every skyrocket I watch tonite as it bursts into millions of burning pieces. It won't help you much, but it will make me feel pretty good. Take care, kiddo. Thinkin of ya!
I'll be there, too, doing the exact same thing. Only it'll make me feel better than it does him. That's because I'm more passionate. ;-|
Your story needs to be heard nationwide to show that people like notaro cannot, and should not be allowed to do what they've done to you and your family, and get away with murder. I believe in poetic justice - sooner and later it will find you. I just hope it is much sooner than you expect. Hang in there and stay strong, fernsy. ~~R
TME: She is getting away with murder so far. Thanks for your continued loveliness, Dee.
I saw this(below) and figured maybe someone out there in comedyland will see it and realize they have been lied to. Everyday. it gets more readers and I might as well stop Notaro from using that bogus appeal to make her case. Notaro is a very sick and twisted .... no words can describe such madness
. The good news: Hunter Seidman was fired from his job ,and now runs his business from his apartment, and Notaro was cut from a big movie(The runaways) but aside of that --I haven't witnessed much justice and it would be safe to say that she is still lying up a storm and others have no reason to disbelieve her except for these tiny fisted attempts.

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SCJ: Back atcha. I find some peace in thinking this could only happen in L.A and this is not the norm.
Clarrk: Every little bit helps. Notaro actually committed many felonies in the course of this and she should be in prison by now.
Matt: Clarkk is my dear friend, please try to get along.
Fusie: Let's hope. What she was able to get away with is a product of a huge problem in the justice system- law firms influence on judges etc.
I can't get over her pathos- she needs to tell those she's lying to that she has a fancy agent, and this lie really comes back to bite her. Thanks for everything.
I keep reading Miss Fernsie like some people watch "Survivor!" or in my case Lost.
I keep thinking like any true addict that "this time will be different, this time I will understand!" and yet I never do.
But I need a daily fix of her meth-like fervor to fuel my far more pedestrian (had to stop for a minute to sing-along with "1776" as John Adams sang "Vote for Independency!") day.
(R)ated because though I may have trouble following the thread, it makes such lovely cloth that it's worth any price.
Peace and Strength. Bless you for standing up. Rated. And some hugs, too. (((((Fernsy)))))
So there I was, talking to my agent, and this chick comes up and asks me if I remember her. I tell her I do and then go back to talking to my agent... she gets in my face and I tell her to leave me alone and I have security remove her. Oh, by the way, even though I was talking to her the whole time, my agent somehow didn't see any of this happen... uh, you see... she's blind. And deaf, yeah that's it! That's the ticket, blind and deaf, yessiree. So she won't be able to corroborate this... (at least not after I get my manager to tell her to keep her trap shut.)

JESUS fernsy! I'm gettin' all fired up over 'ere! Startin' to speak with a Joi-sey accent and ev'rything!

How long until you get some news on your appeal?
Fred Hallman: I look forward to the day where I can really tell you this story. You are a delightful presence here, and I will desist before I shame myself.
Jonatha W. Since Linda S's (xooo) open call I've been thinking about men a lot, and now my blog is loaded with so many good ones. Thank you. I enjoy those hugs quite a bit.
Sheblogs: You are my blog guardian angel. Where did you come from???? I hear you on the joisey feeling. I'm all fired up at you being fired up. It's not in appeal anymore. Actually, I was not able to attend the hearing on the appeal and get it all on the record. It is beyond suspicious how that went down. This all progressed into 12 day criminal trial and all charges were dismissed with prejudice against the prosecution. The judge said to me:, " You have civil remedies and this never should have been in a criminal court." So, now I have to sort out all my civil remedies.
There was epic levels of corruption and injustice in my case and more comes to light everyday. I encountered the dregs of the human race time and time again.
It's a story of a false accusation that was advanced by an unholy alliance between a particular LAPD unit and the Law Firm of Lavely and Singer. It then snowballed from there, and from me getting on their nerves with me wanting rights promised by the constitution etc.
Sheblogs, you poor dear:
It's all true,and documented, but I would have thought it impossible two years ago. Now I need to save society, and get back all the money that had to be spend on crap lawyers and for all the needless and barbaric things they put me and my family through, and it's rough on the neyvs(jersey for nerves) Your effort is so appreciated.
Ah, bless ya neyvs! I heah in joisey they have "othah" remedies for these situations. Anxious to hear how it works out for you. :)
Notoro is lying. I read your other blog . This is really interesting to me.
She blogs and alex joy: Thanks. I can't get over that such lies were know about and yet the still proceeded. Ah, my burden. But, thanks anwyay.
Knowing your story, believing your story all I can say is "Hang in there." You've already survived so much, and you've got a ways to go...but the truth will come out.
Holy Crap - this and the first part are getting new readers everyday. Third paragraph coming up, justice watchers. And, to the readers seeking this out- I haven't gotten to a zillionth of it yet. Tom Sharpe and Chris Fairbanks never lived with her. I never bothered to find out if Kjell Bjorgen does or did but it shouldn't much matter. I will eventually get an injunction to remove this fraudulent decision and maybe even an apology from these appeals judges- who must know from experience- that this was pure evil bullshit and Mathilde Notare is a very disturbed ...thing... as are her pitiful perjuring "witnesses." Hunter Seidman was pressured by Notaro to call this agent and that is a crime. He should worry... a lot.
This post keeps getting hits and that, of course, is good. As hard as I might try this justice stuff is ex-hossting and takes a lot of time.

I hope the readers who keep finding themselves here see that Mathilde "Tig" Notaro to obtain the fraudulent restraining order told this Judge Gerald Rosenberg that not only did I say those odd nonsense, " you remember me. you do. you don't? blah blah all just pure lies, but she then, in a court of law and under penalty of perjury, and for the first and last times says that I am now calling her a bitch dyke cunt. Her agent, that she insanely puts right there, surely if she hadn't noticed the you remember me madness would have noticed me now calling Notaro a bitch dyke cunt and immediately being removed by security.

My luck is that this manager, H.F, was an honest human being. You can't imagine, in your worst nightmares, how many were willing to lie for Mathilde Notaro. We have theories as to why but still.... wow. I hope with all I have that this could only happen in "show biz" or L.A or something because diseases like Stef Willen, Reeta Piazza. Michael Griffee, Brian Whitaker Kevin Seccia ,Harris Wittels, Scott Boxenbuam, Jeff Klinger, Martha Kelly, and Jackie Kashian would lie, steal ,and most likely kill, to "make it." Mathilde Notaro did reward many with gifts and trips and gigs. Some ugly story. 

Update: the big mystery as to why Notaro was able to "commandeer the system" according to lousy AF attorney, Howard L. Williams, was due to her special friendship with the son of a very powerful billionaire - Jules Kroll's son, Nick Kroll. 

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