Monday, May 29, 2017

Written to defective detective, James Hoffman, of the LAPD's "famed" Threat Management Unit

Famed for the wrong reasons or as other victim of them,  Francis Coyote Shivers named them, "The Threat Manufacturing Unit."

A little context, though so much context is needed for the whole story: We somehow thought Hoffman was a more decent guy. After the criminal charge was brought and we slowly but surely were getting the witnesses. and the evidence, I begged him to do something after his comment on the phone, "We're not going to coffee shops for this."

In the end, he and the others were answering to Marty Singer(google Marty Singer Vanity Fair for an idea) and Jules Kroll  - cause of course Notaro had gotten herself a very powerful friend ,who employs the former head of the TMU and scouts police departments and prosecutors offices to offer them lucrative position in the private sector. If they act appropriately shady, they can get very rich off Kroll.

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