Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Argh and Ugh and so not AWESOME that I mispelled somethings and that I don't have any comments. It feels literally like I can't get arrested in this town. Don't get me started on my feelings about living in L.A. Hubby made us move here 5 years ago for his job. I was happy in Marin County. There was plenty of ravines and woods and the forensic experts were all potheads. I was a memer of a coffee bean discrimination club. It wasn't as if we discriminated against anyone or against coffee beans or anything. I hate discrimination more than polluting but less than littering.
We just were the only group who was willing to take a stand and come up with a list of merchants who really cared about the quality of their coffee beans.. We'd carpool around to various chains and indie coffee cafes(or whatever) and do blind taste test or just taste tests and we never got around to grading per se but we did start a website (that since expired . SOB)where we concluded that Coffe Tea and Bean Leaf made the AWESOMEST cofeee. There was a woman who joined and tried to take credit for just about everything. She was a social worker- you know how those people are. They need a lot of social ... work... is all I will say for now. LOL. they always dress poorly. have you noticed??? I'd love to hear your comments.
Well, it turned out that this gutter snipe is in charge of the office that came to investigate my children's supposed malnutrition "problem." The same event which sparked a cross country killing spree that I didn't even want to do. Well, this is the last thing you will investigate." I said as I stuffed the gag in her fat mouth. She was a fighter but she had no chance against me . Oprah had on an expert who said that the single most important thing is to visualize your goals. I perfected that and it overrode her will to live on that day, I guess. I don't know if it's better than meditation which I heard is good, but that I just have failed at over and over, but it works for me. Oh NO. So off topic. Miss Alli from the Television Without Pity boards would verbally castigate me if I did that on the Dr. Phil forum which I post to when I make the time. I would love Miss Alli to cross my path someday. Losing focus. Losing focus.
Los Angeles? And Me? and MY feelings about it??? My blog. My thoughts. My rights. My ME.
Deep breath. Relax, Abbey. You can't kill this week. Dear Hubby is home sick. UGH. He is calling me away from you dear blog. He wants some more organic cold syrup. He's squealing now. Eeeww. Gotta go. later, taters.
more later, taters.
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