Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I just got a note from my newest newsgroup that I shouldn't blog that much in one day. That i need to keep em waiting... then I got an e-mail from someone saying to post a link on Datalounge or some other gay forums--.That if I could get the gays interested I'd already have 10 or less percent of the population as loyal readers and then I'd get links or feeds or whatthehellever and that a real publisher would agree to publish my memoirs without me revealing my real adresss. A snail adress ,so to speak, where real cops could come to apprehend me. I feel upset by all this advice. I say, "Taking advice is a vice." Ha. that's good. Is there a place on the internet where they publish your own original quotes? I've clicked yes to moderate comments. But, I need comments first. C'mon. Yoohooo!!!! Don't be scared, I don't bite. Ok. I only bite when some idiotic profiler says that biting doesn't match the killers profile. God, I hate profilers and their ilk. Still, I credit them with keeping me on the loose, as they say. I feel weak and that I'm going to give in to Ad vice by stopping now so I don't seem so eager to share my innermost thoughts and feelings. Pleeeze, post comments. Pictures coming soon if you do. Or should I say Pics. What's your ad vice????????????
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