Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Paid the nanny, Paid the maid, paid the gardener, and finished reading, A Boy called crap." I really think he's (crap)having one of those false memory things that social workers did to the Mcmartin children back last decade. At the point where Crap's stepfather fores crap to " lick them balls like you mean it, boy." and then pulls craps hair out I gave up. Two of my three kids are autistic so I don't have as much time as loads of moms. More about that later.

I now see that I am not only the most prolific murderer but maybe the most prolific blogger. Note how I didn't call myself a serial killer in the preceding sentence. Why? Because like everyone I am sick of labels. What I want to express is that I am a multifaceted individual and I thumb my nose and plan to cut off the thumbs and noses of any profiler( I'm looking at you, Mr. John Douglas) who tries to put me in a box because I've killed so many so well that what remains rarely ends up in a box. See, I lost my train of thought when I got sidelined by that wordplay. I was an english major at one of the seven sisters before I became a stay at home mom, homemaker, and ... murderer. AHEM. I don't want to call myself a serial killer in this post. I kill those who are a rude or who have annoyed me in a way that makes them seem EVIL at the time. Sure, not all of them are proper sociopaths and i'm sure they had some crappy justifications but my still going strong spree of reprisal and quenched blood thirst started on the righteous premise of self righteousness. laters, taters.
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