Tuesday, April 29, 2008

OMIGOD. This blogging is not working out for me. I thought I'd try it to stop more bloodshed but it's just making me mad that noone will comment on my blog. Maybe, I'm impatient. Maybe that's why I never bought into that let go and let go thing they teach to drunks. Obama is on the TV flapping his lips about how offended he is by that charlatan pastor of his. His finally disavowing. Flapping his phony lips about how america wants to talk about the issues. It doesn't take me being a serial killer to know that america wants good tv above all else. They did a study where they attached electrodes and then measured responses during a debate between Hillary and Obama. The electrodes showed happiness signs when they fought. I wish I could link it but I'm a NEWBIE SHMEWBIE LEWBIE and don't know how to but I read it in Newsweek or Time.
Maybe discussing politics will get me hits or comments or whetever I need to do to be a viable member of this blogosphere business. I guess Obama must have overactive bladder then.... to have missed all the pertinent sermons. Or maybe I need to talk about Celebrity gossip to get the fame and fortune denied me because my wimp's fear of so many life terms in the penitentiary. But, as a stay at homemaking mom I don't get to meet famous people that anyone cares about. Lots of writers and artists try to get my husband to fund them but noone cares about them. So, I'll just say that I heard Sandra Bullock is nice enough. I heard this with my own two ears.

What else? Ignoring people is rude. It said as much in Fatal attraction and now Rev. Jeremia Wright is doing what happens when you get ignored. When will they ever learn etc. Comments???
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