Friday, May 9, 2008

Looking over my blog it seems that it is coming off more as an opus or even a potential tome. Just saying the word, 'blog' makes me feel foolish , so call it what you will. I just returned from an outing where I went to a comedy show. Ah, comedy. How I love humor and hate hate hate the world of "comedy." It is a long story and one I want to tell. I've seen it and the minute I get a chance( my children and husband have returned from minty mgees sub shop and are insistiing, I "dig in." ") if they only knew how many shallow graves I've dug they wouldn't use those words. The aspergers took all the sandwiches to himself and I have to play mom and tell him to share it with the others. The autistic is humming free credit report dot come over and over and I want to reach for my chloroform but cannot. That commercial plays so many times the boy in it will be living in the Spelling mansion when Candy passes and leaves not a red cent to Tori and her weasel faced actor husband. Randi will find his way and probably will want to live in a smaller place. I hope he doesn't bring along Rod Stewart's herpetic son. So glad that show wasn't renewed.
So, I can't discuss the world of comedy just now. But, if I don't get caught, count on it.
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