Friday, May 9, 2008

Oh Hillary

remember how I mentioned my first experience with romantic heart hurt, well now I have to seek evidence to fight a completely frivolous restraining order. In my search using keywords I found this peice by the younger spinster sister. I had absolutely no memory of pasting it to my file. Quite good. Sure I'm a serial killer with a crawl space full of corpses and whatnot, but I write effectively and should get respect. The younger spinster sister really catches how i felt ,though in my case, of course, it was a burly man with requisite male hormones etc.


You wanted an apology for something
That wasn’t true
Who will write the eulogy, me or you?
You Looked at a picture
And painted 1 word
thousands wouldn’t
Whatever it was is one character now
Before the curtain closes
only hate takes a bow
Arrogant oaf with your need to win
I really want to kick you in the shin.
You wanted to direct our film
The one only you are now starring in
You wrote me dialogue
But never showed me the script
Not just gypsies get you gypped.
Out of my forest
You’ll get no branch, nor a tree
I won’t fall believe you me
A petty hypocrite snuck into my lens
I have no desire to even be friends
Some rhymes suck
But what the fuck.
You didn’t want your heart broke
So you spoke
No roadtrips, no poems, no pies
My brain grew bigger my soul too
And for that you’ll get your
Forward this to your dearest friends
As I windex that soiled lens.
like Lucinda said, don't tell my secrets
like I'll say, or I'll tell yours
I thought she was a tumor
But she turned out to be cancer.
Probably just a boil and instead of romancing
I should have been lancing
I shouldn't do this they'd all say
forget it and it'll go away
still I'm going to push "send'

I like it. Hurra spinster sister. Anyhow, I've come to my blog for various reasons and that wasn't one of them but it became so somehow. I want to talk about the presidential elections and how I've come to love old Hill. I see myself and my family as the clintons at the moment. Not my current family family, my original family of my mother and sister. My current family are irrelevant. One aspergers, one pure autistic, and one common teen who thinks texting " mom where r u " when I am in the midst of a murder is "cute." Throughout the clinton presidency I was not old enough to pay true attention to the world around me. The fact that Obama is attracting this massive youth vote is horrifying. When i was in college I worried about having company for every meal and other things completely unrelated to picking political leaders. So, this is a travesty. i was not alone in my apathy. As a gregarious sort I met many students and none were qualified to cast a vote worth any weight. Perhaps, a vote for what girl has the best tits but no more. Back to Old Hill. Throughout the clinton presidency I was, I think, a few years after college, and still my semi youthful solipsism prevented me from paying proper attention. Now, for some reason I do, I do pay proper attention, and I love Hillary and Bill and Chelsea and loathe Obama, Michelle, Rev. Wright, and each and every moronic obamamaniac. Simply put, Obama supporters are soft in the head. Their medullas or cerebellums are not working in an advanced way. They are in park, to use a car analogy, and those who want Hillary or Mcain are on drive. I plan to remove that car analogy soon as it doesn't excite me much.

As I said before, I present as a liberal, even a leftie, in my social circle .Santa monica is very very liberal. Meaning what? I suppose they are not warmongers and litterers like the rest of the rural riffraff or sub par suburb swine. They eat organic and wear loads of fleece and carry their babies on their back and try to look cozy in ever setting. Yoga and pilates will be be a part of thier life at some point and many claim to be lactose intolerant. They are also intolerant of war and of intolerance , and they are willing to go out and buy a bumper sticker than says" Make coffee not war." and, " War is terrorism." and other things to prove their pro peace stances. They get my blood lust a brewing and then scalding and then ... but I can't kill every day all day so most stroll away from my hateful eye, unscathed. by their logic, if a rapist comes in thier home they are rapists if they retaliate. They peddle thier moronic moral equivalency as if it were moral superiority. The men are in it for the promise of tantric sex and the woman are it it so they can wear sandals and smock like dresses and fit in. Sure, I was a liberal till there was a reason to really pay attention and see the folly of thoughtlessness. We all want to be seen as do gooders and it is the real do gooders who fear looking not so good the least. I don't feel completely sure that that makes sense, but until I get a hale and hearty research that demands retractions and the like I will let it slide . The point is that they are the same little filthy rodents like every other of us filthy rodents and whether they take their rodent asses to work in a hybrid or a hummer, they are rodents. I could never be a republican in my circle, but then I don't even know what they're about. Still, the older I get the less worse they look. Sure, there are the extremists but extremist are really all completely the same. Should a serial killing woman exptrapolate on politics? Am I not an extremist? Am I, one who snuffs out the living daylights or dying nightlights of so many, not one to judge. I say don't be judgemental and let me judge. Thank you very much.
i can go on and on about this pressing topic and I hope Norman Podhoretz, David Horowitz, Tammy Bruce, Dennis Miller, Cristopher Hitchens(who I hate for saying woman are not funny but give credit where due) and those others I can't remember who bravely turned thier backs to the right direction. I will google and find out more because I want to be pals with these people.

Anyway, I present to my santa monica social circle as one of them and I blast and bash Bush and his "cronies." at every turn. When i say the name Cheney I literally form spittle in my mouth to indicate my displeasure and I say Wellbutrin or whatever his company is to show even further displeasure and a semblence of knowledge. I pretend to not think that obama smiles through his teeth, that his wife is a harpy, that if rev. wright was white he'd be made into the biggest joke by everyone. That any one who faints at his mediocre speeches should stay unconcsious for ever and ever. That oprah is responsible for this all and I would like to .... oh I'd like to....
Poor Hillary, she must hate a large segment of the populace by now. I sure do. Obama lama ding dong is all I can say right now as I am starting to feel a rush of homicidal energy so potent that I feel almost faint.

deep breath. deep breathe. Go to fridge and get the rissotto and eat it with my hands. drink pomegranate juice and pretend it is blood. Feel better. much better. I'm back. I'm fine. thank you.

As it stands, more than free passes are being passed out to obama, and I find it completely paternalistic and racist. On a fundamental level, the liberals are the most racist, the most condescending. That is what happens when dishonesty and fine wine pass for a way of life. or a style of life or lifestyle or whatever they are calling living nowadays. Always coming up with new breads and cheeses and coffee varieties and spa services these liberals. Ciabatta now,
Focaccia then,
Primrose oil will get you closer to zen,
chipotle tastes like shit, pesto craze made me by my first murder kit,
rosemary should only go on fat irish chicks,
herbs are being as overused as chick flicks.
makes me sicks.

which reminds me of something a spinster sister wrote about her political views after reading many books on communism. . they say she wrote her whole ouvre in a state of hysteria . fools. What do you think?

Capitalism is in place
Had to replace that iron curtian
That I’m certain
Hippy dippy sentiment
peace at any cost
Makes all wars lost
The sixties ended and we didn’t
get what want we want
Jagger was the fat lady
When he sang
sympathy with the devil
at altamont
Gimme shelter from Helter Skelter
Manson built the first family
Of utopian surrreality
Krenwinkle acting like kip kinkle
Vanhouten shouting, squeaky all freaky,
tex Watson thinking he’s a god driving a datsun
Like some twisted midwife
Instead of birthing possibility,
a miscarriage of hate
Twisting the knife in the pregnant belly of
Of Sharon tate

Well, I must run and put more lime in the crawl space. My husband ,thank heavens, is so unobservant and uninquisitive. he never once questioned why I insisted we have a crawl space in our new home. The realtor, sherry solomon, was a different story and that is why she is now in the crawl space. She fought very hard. Very hard. Real estate ladies are tough cookies. She was bone thin, and so will be skeletal sooner than most and the odor problem will go away before it gets real obvious. i just can't seem to move the body just yet. Too consumed with other matters and with my new and vastly ignored blog. I will try to link next time and maybe that will do the trick. I want to show you leslie's blog called or somesuch thing. It is fabulous and symbolizes why my moods get disordered at times. Taters later.
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