Thursday, July 24, 2008

tea and sympathy, annoying wordplay, and me.

blogsy, I've been neglectful. I apologize sweet dear blog.

What a crazy month it's been. My goal of having the most widely read blog in the west, has been postponed for the interim while I'm on hiatus, as they say.

The muffin business is rolling along and to my delight I see that once again I've been prophetic visa vi the up and coming tea market. A place in silverlake is charging 12 dollars for "Buddhist tea." This appalls me on so many levels that the fact that I'm not completely catatonic is a miracle. The ingredients in this 12 dollar tea include asian pear. I am guessing in some educated way that this pear is very costly as the other ingredients mentioned are lime and melon. I think I saw an asian pear in jons market for a pretty normal price, so I still am very appalled.

My month has been so eventful that I can't even afford to be appalled by 12 dollar tea in silverlake. Still, I find the time.

tea seems a petty thing to be appalled about and now that I've decided to be a shiester of the zietgiest I should embrace the cynical concepts of "build it and they will come." and " a sucker is born every minute."

I've been filled to the brim with poetry and searing insights but until my blog hits 1500 hits I will hold back. I have some gimmicks up my sleeve that should hasten that number and keep your eyes peeled. What an odd expression, "keep your eyes peeled." So many expressions make so little sense.

It's a must to have a hectic schedule nowadays and I'm thinking that tea seems to be a cunning way to convince people that they are relaxing over their laptops at the local coffee and tea emporium. I must say though that if I were to include a knockoff of this buddhist tea at our muffin business and someone comes in and pays 12 dollars for it... I must admit... that my bloodlust would return with a very ferocious vengeance. I can't help but feel that the stars are not aligned in my favor this month when it comes to serial killing and so I will wait till august to come up with hardcore tea plans.

Abby and libby are saying that we should charge 3 dollars for our gourmet muffins. I say we charge them 4 dollars and pray for the best. Matters of price are often dicey and I just hope muffins don't become tainted by controversy in the meantime.

Oh no! I'm being paged on the gelson intercom, and someone is texting me on my iphone. My bluetooth is slipping off my ear, and my flip flops are making a strange noise. Gotta run, dear blog. I will return today with definitive plans on improving you and getting you on the world's radar.
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