Thursday, July 24, 2008

hungarians, delmont klien, and feeling fine.

I'm back as promised. Today has been particularly fine. It finally seems that all the dues paid and effort exerted are forming some kind of logical conclusion.

Much good news seems on it's way but I'm too superstitious to discuss it with the blogosphere. Can't hurt not to jinx the fair weather that seems to finally have shown up.

Well, good tidings rarely make for great blog posts but I'll persist in the hopes that something interesting or enlightening will transpire as I type.

... nope. Nothing yet.

I think i have to change the name of this blog soon. I've been seemingly coy even reticent about my vast and extremely impressive career as a serial killer. I haven't given any real details of the victims or of the weapons used. Inexcusable.

I understand that dissapointment has resulted. I sympathize. Still, I must explain that thus far the year 2008 has been different from all the rest and so surely my blog would reflect such anamalous circumstances.

If I had known about blogger only a year ago I'd most likely have indulged my readers with tales of my savagery. But, it is not a year ago, now is it?

And so, I must focus on delmont klein and the splendid spinster sister and their transcendent creator. And that i will do from now on. I'm quite sure that many out there will want to know a play by play of the muffin bussiness and my status as a budding entrepeneur. I will try my best, but the time has come for me to fulfill a different destiny and so I shall. That destiny? Nearly messianic, actually.

and so with that epicness of duty on my shoulders, I bid a toodle do to my readers till later taters.
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