Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Propopals and such

Been looking around at blogs at it seems that any one with the slighest bit of originality feels compelled to say that they are "crazy" or "insane" or whatever variant of ..."Don't call me a WEIRDO."

I plan to start a few activist blogs the minute time and motivation permit but for now I'll just say that it's a sad stupid culture that we are basting in and that the norms have gotten progressively more tedious.

The word "Awesome" has reached a swine flu fever pitch and will all these twittering myspace rejecting buffoons around it's no wonder that any one slightly not of average of below creativity or intellect will find the world inhospitable.

For some reason, bad or good, I've always found that the dull and the scared to be the "ill" ones. Life has slowly but surely taught me that the dull and the scared are the vast majority and that behaving not as dull or not as scared will incur ISSUES.

I didn't really get this until this year and living in L.A and meeting some of the people I met. Ignorance in that caee wasn't bliss but it was bettter than what this new knowledge feels like.

Ah, this is another long story and as undull and unscared as I'd like to be I don't feel like writing some 200 page post about this concept and having no comments...

Basically, I am bemoaning a world where individuality seems to be getting more and more endangered. Bemoaning(!!!!!!) a world where the DSM keeps getting updated and bought by armchair psychologists and... to get grants or whatever the DSM people are working so hard for... every month brings with it a new acronym for a "mental disorder." I propose that there is only two labels that should be of any interest and that is socipath and not sociopath. Of course, a wide spectrum exists between a saint and a sociopath but my new sense is --that barring sociopathy all designations are just a waste. Sure, it's fun to diagnose and it's fun to discuss but either you have a conscience or you don't and the rest is talky talky blah blah.

My new goal for the month that has replaced my goal to foment an awesome revolution:

I will not Twitter... so help me god. My face will not be on a book? You see, there is no book and just a face(if a pic is put up.) So in the end, Suckas, myspace was at least not false advertising!!!
The hideous plea, "Follow me on Twitter," is worse than swine flu and so please don't heed its ... Siren song.
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