Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Half pInt has issues

So now Half pint is revealing her struggle with alcohol.

Marcia- coked out and more,
Peter- on reality show with awful adrian brody and all sexual and awful.
Greg- Old pervert.
The rest- God knows.

Mary Tyler Moore- many times in drunken stupor.

The cast of Different STrokes- too depressing to get into I don't even think Conrad Bain left unscathed.

Mrs. Garrett and Bonnie Franklin- the two I'd like to see with drug and other problems but so far nothing on them. saw bonnie f in an elevator once and she was a livewire.

Half pint is just was talking to AJ hammer and wow she is really killing off the last of my illusions.

I can't even get into the partridge family now as i'm too stressed.

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