Thursday, June 11, 2009

why is laptops a top search on aol?

I was sure my post on half pint would launch me into the blogosphere stratosphere. but, it appears that isn't the case. I'll keep trying. Had millions of thoughts and even a searing insight or two and even a few jokes and now as I blog I can't remember every of it and I'm pissed, but I'm proud of because I finished what I set myself up to do and pulled two all nighter in the process. No easy feat, as I am 19 years past college and even then staying up all night is nearly impossible for me. I actually feel for some time that my bedtime is 10 pm and I wish the nightlife started at 2 p.m most days because otherwise I'm out of the game. No big loss, don't miss hanging around big rooms with virtual strangers and strangers and paying a 450% mark up for the privilege.

So, I take it that Lucy Gordon might just have killed herself which makes no sense. Depression is bad shit but no one said she showed signs of it much less the kind of severe severe serotonin depletion that would entail her hanging herself when there are many other less painful ways. She's too beautiful too and wouldn't want to die an eyesore. I've decided that I'm turning my blog into my imaginary soulmate and will talk to him/her accordingly. I've come close to having total soulmates but never exactly... know what I'm saying... and so my blog will be that 100 percent soulmate ---that saves my drafts automatically, allows me to change my template at a moments notice, to edit and delete at whim. Add user friendly Labels!!! It goes on and on but as you can see it is a fine and proper soulmate and I can always get sex on the side, as they say.

Saw a double feature of transformers and that Eddie Murphy Vehicle with the adorable little girl, and there was an ice storm in hell etc.

bye now. I'm not feeling this post...

Oh yeah.. actually had a dream with OPRAH and in it it was really comical because she liked me and in the dream I was so over any criticism of her and so into our budding new friendship.
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