Friday, June 5, 2009

loved kill bill.

Okay, so Carridine was found with a shoelace aroud his penis or not?? Either the thai hotel people have a very zaaaany sense of humor or he died happy as oppossed to in deep despair. So indeed the male orgasm is like Allah worth dying for but maybe even better?? No need to even die with any pretenses it's so good. No need to pretend you subscribe to an ideologogy etc. Now, there's be some female suicides as of late some can even say a "spate" but that would be too jokesy and suicide is serious... I suppose. None of the females were even suspected of this have been ruled auto erotic asphyxsiation or as the cum before you go community calls it " pre-mortem play."

All I know is that no matter what they find out there will still be a dillemma: Better to tell the kids that life might not worth be fighting for or that your dad was caught dead with a shoelace on his dick and smiling from ear to ear. My father died fully clothed (heart failure due to chemotherapy) and so I was spared that conundrum that time around. Jeez, life is too tricky. I've got to finish the appeal so wisdom must wait, dear readers.
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