Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yikes, profundicitis.

Hit by profundicitis again. But, a milder form so I won't totally overblog.

Discussion with my mother about our insistent indigence problem. I told my mother how lucky I got with the Jolen's bleach this time and she said, " You really got satisfied with nothing now." I agreed. She said, "We all learned to live with less and less." I agreed and added, "It's scary how little I want now." And my momma said, " I don't know if it's good or it's bad."

THe profundicitis led me to post this exchange as it made me struck by the depth of this concept, "Is it bad or good to want less and less." I've gotten ready for life in a tent as long as I have love and a blow up mattress that is semi comfortable. And, since I still need to become wealthy that might not be a good thing. But, it sort of feels good when I go to malls or stores and feel no discomfort that I can't get most things. I've never been particulary materialistic but I would feel pangs about 10 years ago. Good or bad???

Ha ha. On the news. Eminem was in on the joke!! Right again. See tarra slovan's blog.

My whole body dances with joy everytime I see Borat descend on eminem. Can't get enough! News shows can't get enough and now trying to extend the "story" to pose the question will FCC fine someone. Anything to get this odd ass imagery to play over and over again. Meghan Kelly now comparing it to Janet Jackson episode. My mother insisting it's disgusting as she laughs and laughs. The people on Fox debating if this lawsuit worthy. Again the ass comes down. News shows are cynical to the max. Anything to discuss the ass rather than sotomyer. I hate judges now so I'm relieved. Did you all know that Most judges are corrupt cretins? Well, you shouldn't know that. I didn't know that till about a year ago and I was better off not knowing it so just forget that I told you and hope you don't get forced to deal with these stinking judges because some deranged trash like Tig Notaro and Stef Willen have decided to spice up their desperate lives by targeting you with a vicious smear campaigns and dragging you to court because they are cruel and crazy. To add insult to injury these two locusts think they can shamelessly self promote while trying to ruin someone else. And, the judges keeping making void decisions that will eventually be exposed. So, I don't know how long their party can last and if they figure they can afford the hangover, but they don't seem to consider that for reasons no reasonable person would understand.
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