Friday, June 5, 2009

My daily plan plus new genre creation etc.

Friday and weekend
Appeal- citations for witness exclusion, citations for judicial demeanor.citations for immininent threat, citations for overzelous advocacy, get better example too and then get lawyer etc.
Void- federal rule 60 – 473?
Pay 3 on way to
Bread for mother!on way santa monica blvd.
Psychiatrist- tell her that all checks bouncing and that she must now wait till end of month to cash. Hope she understands.
and then
Finish Appeal by Monday . No stalling. No socializing.Must get done. No blogging. Nothing but Appeal and Void to by Monday. Look into article for Sievers culpability too and also file Lauren Grimes appeal by due date or before. drop that then drop brief downtown. 60 days from time of judgement. no panic. Or void that as it is completely voidable.

I woke up this morning, starvingly hungry and ate spaghetti for breakfast. Not to be rebellious but because no breakfast foods to be found. Spaghetti is good and cheap and I should eat it more but I didn’t put that in my daily plan. After the spaghetti and even during, I figured I need to figure out what I must accomplish. I had the urge to write what I guess can be called poetry but felt too guilty so I wrote my to do list in some poetic form. See above.

My plate is overflowing much more than spaghetti, that for sure.
on it a choice of the more mundanee, the somewhat mundane, and the non mundane, and I want to finish them all. But, which should I do first? Prioritizing for me is MURDER.

My ambitions for the non mundane are great today. I’ve failed to foment a revolution on this blog much less a movement(bowel ones don't count. ROFL)
much less even to monetize it so though this frees me in the sense that there is no expectations but still I’m tense about trying to start a new genre.That’s right, blogosphere! I want to start a new genre. Don’t you think it’s time for a new genre of writing? No? Why not?

And that is I want to write all my deep piercing insights but at the same time write about the news that I hear behind me because I don’t have as of yet and as counseled by Ms. Viriginia Wolff, a room of my own. So, the news is in the background without my consent, really. If the tv is not on in pops up on the aol or elsewhere and very rarely am I completely in the dark, current eventswise.

So, that’s my new genre. And, it’s very much experimental and so I’m going to put out things my mother says that strike me as funny too, as I do the other two things, and whomever names this new genre best gets a free Oprah Picks her nose t-shirt from Coffee press if I figure out how to set that shit up.

News I heard about a half hour ago.: hilarious two new twitter items. Study shows that only 10 perecent of twitter users are really tweeting and the vast majority have all just done one tweet. Ha ha one single tweet. Most people have nothing to say!!!!!!!
Second funny twitter item: annoying family went on vacation and “tweeted” non stop about where they were and what they were doing and ha ha a robber wisely followed and broke into their house and robbed them of all kinds of gadgets. Ha ha ha. Mean, but some lessons are funny.

Things Henya Says

SO… what did we do today ? We took lemons and we did what... I can't remember?”
Me: We made lemonade, mommy.
Henya: I don’t really like lemonade. What about we made a Lemon Marengay pie(pronounced right, meaning she pronounced it all wrong)… Pause… Henya continues: I don’t really like Lemon Marengay pie either.

Then this from yesterday: Henya:
I can’t wait to talk to that Judge. I will say… I like cats your honor… I like dogs… but I don’t like jews. Are you a jew, your honor? Rosenberg can be German….
In between me and sister say…. “Keep going mommy.”
So she does: “Your honor Rosenberg, I don’t like jews because I am really Eva Braun and I was the mistress to the Fuhrer, you see.
“Keep going Mommy.”

She does: “I was his mistress and I don’t like you your honor Rosenberg.”

It went on a bit more but I can’t remember the rest.

Then my mother danced to the sounds of our wretched car alarm which keeps on stopping our car from working ,and she almost killed an angelic little girl on her bike by accident and there really was a midget too. My mother makes Ruth Gordon in Harold and Maude look like Terri Shiavo by comparison. God, I so hope no loved one of Ms Shiavo ever ventures on my unadvertised blog.

That will be for my next post—the midget at the car dealership and the little girl right behind the car and the big black wise momma woman with the gap.

See, yesterday was pure David Lynch and I want a Capra kind of day today to offset that but holding my breath could only not help and then some psycho will put a shoelace on my nipple and a porno in my hand and make it look like I’m the first female autoerotic asphxiamanica . Absofuckinglutely. I would bet the farm, I would.

Hitler rolls over in his grave every time Ameanajihad denies the holocaust. Dude, he was proud of that shit.
Hmmm, new genre. Hmmm
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