Wednesday, June 24, 2009

more word play hey hey

We're only told of recipes for disaster
but there must be recipes
for everything
the chef upstairs has cooked up
pride" comes before the fall"
to be served next spring
From what I've seen
Pride shows up in summer, and winter too, and even
in between as
Vice is supposedly hell sent,
I know I know--
fall as a season is not what
that quotation meant.

As usual, words fail
I suspect there's no ginger or ale in ginger ale
Today the world seems like a destination
I've seen the sights
Now, I want to leave, but the planes are grounded
the tires of the busses blew up
and, the train is nowhere near
the nearest station.

So, I'll have to maybe pray
I'll be able to leave
or even want to stay
But, it seems this morning
that that won't
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