Friday, June 5, 2009

The unleashing of my new acronym and appeals

man oh man my hit counters are unreliable. I'll just ass(ume) that the one with the most is the best so I can pretend that I'm not toiling in unprosperous obscurity AKA blogging. I'm supposed to be finalizing the work on my appelate briefs, peeps. And, I have no right to be here but I just want to say a more friendly goodbye before I dissapear for the weekend. It got so hard with all this new technology and how to say goodbye or hello or whatever and salutations like "Sincerely" are rarely used. I so miss the rotary phone and snail mail only days.

I feel as if I will reach a guiness book of world records for geezery fogeyness by the time I'm 45

. My point? procrastination, actually. Appelate brief due monday because of my darling clerk. I love clerks, especially appeals clerks. Who knew? Never a deadline not missed is my motto. Which makes me think that now we have not only mottos but meta and moto and mofos and I am wanting my brain to shut the fuck up. Then I remember all my strange funny tales of deadlines and getting extentions in college and then Lauren's deeply hilarous tales of getting extensions etc. I might just write about that as a break from fixing up the appeal etc. btw, a lawyer is doing it reviewing it etc but I have much to still do to make it AGAPBIJMBACP(my acronym for as good as possible because I just might be a controlling perfectionist.)

thanx,blog, and I love you all in the blogosphere and you should "shout out" more often.

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