Friday, June 12, 2009

Pol-it- ICKS

Two things that must be discussed with you blog.

1- remember how I bemoaned the revelations coming out for Mellissa Gilberg AKA half pint? And my problems with her tell all book stemmed from the fact that slowly but surely all things from my childhood are unraveling? I'm sure you remember,blog, and and it's really just one of those rhetorical questions but I failed to mention someone from my youth who at one point i really really liked and who turned out to be a big sack of crap, as they say.

David Letterman! Yes, him. I have not watched him for more than 10 years. I haven't watched any late night talks shows so that isn't saying much , but I stopped watching him due to my complete loss of interest in talk shows and because he seemed to have lost all his talent overnight even back then. Like fat, where does missing or lost talent go?

But, now this Palin Letterman story is on the news and letterman makes me want to barf. It is always so unseemly when "comedians" became rabid mouthpieces for some political party. I lost interst in Colbert and Jon Stewart completely after they got all left on my ass. Firstly, being a leftist in hollywood is as daring and brave as.... Parachuted out of a first floor apartment. Actually, that even seems to hold more peril. All thise comic like Garofolo and Odonnel and now letterman wearing their easilty fought political affiliations on their sleeves is so .... LAME.

Firstly, because of the total lack of risk involved in taking that pose but also because imho it's antitethical to humor or satire, especially.

Then, Lettermans "joke" about either of the Palin daughters is completely unfunny. My sense is that the famous types are cynical to begin with but they also are too self involved to pay much attention to anything but themselves so they arrive at polictial conclusions in a way that doesn't entail... intellectual rigor.

Anyone who thinks that Letterman did himself any service and found his little girl gets knocked up by baseball player "joke" to be a hoot is someone I find useless at best. I can't say I had childhood heros but I was very interested and fond of a few celebs growing up and one of those was Letterman. Now, I see a big doofus phony and then yesterday I heard from my sister that half pint says that Michael Landon ofen smelled of Vodka and if I live long enough I am sure that filthy secrets will taint every single tv character from my youth.

Hmmm, There is one exception-- Dennis Miller. I wasn't even that crazy about him when he was on Saturday night live years and years ago but now he strikes me as an unsung genius . Wose than unsung maybe as I'm sure many a liberal spits out his name . But, he is the only one who really has gone against the grain and says what he really thinks at a cost, and I salute him. I have no doubt that his career would be in much better shape if he went along with the fake leftist sentiment crowd or just didn't mention politics, period. No way no how a spot on O'reilly and some radio gigs here and there is what he would be getting at this point in his career.

I could go on but I want to discuss something unrelated and by all means should start a new post. Till then, Letterman you have begun to look like your mother and you are a dissapointing little prick. CAll me, Dennis! Stick it, Jeane Garolfolo, throw kooshballs not ideological barbs, Rosie O you spirited Shmo. Colbert, you have loads of talent but your angry face on that correspondents dinner turned you into a non funny. Jon stewart, blech ,
and thanks for ruining the daily show for me since you came out as a angry voiced bitter faced politcal whore. 'when it comes to Alec baldwin or rosie odonnel i kind of think they are not really terribly smart and they read one article or two and genuiunely fall into their tiresome indignation or that they know they are selfish assholes and they delude themselves by rallying to causes etc. But, with colbert and stewart-- that excuse is out. I won't get into Joy Behar because to me she is utterly as consequential as an four day old piece crouton, and since i never nursed the slightest illussion about her she is in a different category.

Hmm, I'm missing someone.
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