Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Unable to stop by the wing stop for over 2 years since its opening

So yesterday I went to the Rite Aid... Beggining of a novel? No. But, just a beggining of a blog post, KAY?????!!!

So, I go to the rite aid with a side errand of picking up some pollo loco but that isn't what this post will be about, I promise.

So across the street a new store has opened and it is called "Yammy's Pizza." And, I think jeez why would I want Yammy's pizza, what the hell is wrong with people?!And, driving home I see once again "Wing Stop" and though I love a good chicken wing I have never been there because It's called, "Wing Stop." And, this doesn't talk to my palate and so my credit card stays in my pocket etc. And, just names of commercial venues have always "amused" me. And, the winner of poorly named establishments goes to "Hair Hut" in Nebraska. Still, so many years after seeing it it takes the cake for failed alliteration and just overall poor naming. This could be a lively entry and the comments section could fill to overflowing with others fun and funny store names. But, If I held my breath on that I'd have to release a big breath soon thereafter so I won't bother holding my breath, in general.

I saw "Hair Hut" through a greyhound bus window so I can't verify that it was a haircutting or styling business but I sure hope it was at least that.

Some of the other great names I've come across escape me but when I track them down i will share them with y'all. Or I won't and whatever and blow it out your ass blah blah blah.

whatever. Seriously. blah blah.
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