Tuesday, June 2, 2009

uncabaret and stuff

This blogs sense of desolation only serves to liberate my... keyboard.

So, I'm back with more of my bloggery and such. I have much to share. Being at a loss for words or talk or thoughts is not one of my problems. My problems? Well, they are many but as I said not having what to say is not one of them. Actually, as noted by a teacher of mine, I have too much to say. I won't mention this teachers name because I stopped getting e-mails from her shortly after the heinous Tig Notaro began spreading her sick lies. So, I won't even mention this teacher much because until my name is cleared I choose not to go near many many people because I know human nature and that one one a vicious lie is injected in people it is hard to disabuse them of it and since I have not had the ability to disabuse them of it yet, I will just stay "underground" until the day comes where the truth is too obvious to ignore. Well, I wasn't even crazy about this teacher and found the fact that she wouldn't let us take a midclass break unbearable. It was the only chance the class had to feel connected to eachother the last time I took the class and on the second class I insisted we should have this break. The whole class seemed to agree. But, this woman refused and that whole possibility of "community" fell apart. And this class and what she and her husband were doing could have resulted in something special but years later it hasn't because she just was too centered on her self and couldn't summon real vision.
I think she feared that we would connect a little during that break, and leave her feeling less important. Either way, I lost too much respect to continue and this person is the type to stop sending me promotional e-mails because some z list wannabe like Notaro aces someone like me, in her book. I guess that's what happens in L.A or more precisely, Hollywood. Any virulent hag with an agent trumps a non hag without an agent etc. Ironically, Notaro's ex agent will prove to be her undoing. But, that's for another time.

I forgot to share with you names for places and will do so at my earliest convenience.
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