Friday, July 24, 2009

my slogans to start this much needed movement against might is rightness

Stop calling it a debate! The moron faced Crowley had no right to arrest Gates. Why does this moral equivalency thing always happen. Is it because there needs to be a debate for there to be news! Can't just some newscaster called the voice of reason just report the logic of these situations.

I agree with Obama and think that the police acted very stupidly and why should that be a controversial stance.

This story puts more beef in my craw and I am literally standing on a soapbox as I type this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No crime. NO arrest. That's what the constitution says is best!

That's my slogan(above) to get this movement going.

Or maybe,

Just cause he got sassy, don't mean a cop has the right to get so assy.

Once he showed his ID, that was no place for you to be, CROW-- LEEee!

A dimwit with a gun is no fun

keep your baton to yourself, you mean oversized elf
he should have been collecting his mail not going to jail!
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