Wednesday, July 1, 2009

one big cheetoh in a bag.

If I could share only one thing with this blog EVER it would be what I just saw at teh 7-11 and that is a huge single cheeto for sale for 59 cents. And, I'm not the type to collect things but if I did I would buy it as it is so insane and surely will be gone soon an become a collectors item. One cheeto. Almost 60 cents. A belief somewhere that the sheeple will just walk around with a big cheeto. It kind of made my day but then my day was OK. I get browbeaten by my lawyer for calling some bozos... bozos. And, I just want a kid right about now so I could I have a grandkid because these are stories to tell them one day- how granny told some bozos that they are bozos and didn't care that the bozos were evil and corrupt because a bozo, frankly is a bozo.

As it stands, Lawyers seem to have earned all their mockery and judges are the pits and I am now an radicalized Activist who wishes she'd bought that big cheetoh.

Much more set off my profoundicitis today but I simply can't be online right now so I hope you all, all of you etc stay alive till tomorow. Jack klugman died today(or was it karl malden?) Either way I thought they died years ago. Trying to figure out why Michael Jsckson death wasn't as shocking as I'd expect and I figured it out-- I just saw it coming for some reason. I'm starting to feel like I have some extra sensory shit going on.

This blog it appears is now a part of a collective and some gay gay joined up awhile back and is now a "member blogger." Check out his blog!
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