Saturday, August 1, 2009

I decided that I'm a secularist

Rough week in the cosmos. Wendy's now has asian chicken and mcdonals has mocha latte type coffee drinks and I am being brutally harrassed uglies and creeps.

Is there a focus group who thought that wendys should take on asian chicken? What exactly is asian chicken?

I haven't yet raised enough money to rent out Neverland. My lawyer turned out to be a ball of phlegm in a cheap suit.

Gladys night is now blaming "all of us" for Michael Jackson untimely demise. I don't agree. I have guilt about what I should be guilty about but not about what I supposedly did to Mr.Jackson, Gladys. Where are her pips btw?

I'm sick of this blog too, beleive me. I just need to steel myself and brace myself to degrees that I haven't yet achieved. Need to steel myself and do the job I should be doing but to have all those lied to people whispering under there breath what some psychotic thing wishes but will never be reality and until the wheels of justice finally come barrelling at her I can't walk and talk and make jokes under this insane cloud. What a disgusting thing is this now everpresent stranger, Tig Matilde Notaro, and how do Gregozek, Hoffman, Howie Williams esquire from hades,purgatory, and dybk, Dunn, shark eyed and bad pantsuit Jennifer Abrahams Waxler, Boyer, all those shabbily dressed and pointy chinned "prosecutors" (All those souless bozos!) feel entitled to do such wrong to their betters?

There can't be the excuse that Notaro lied well and they couldn't have known. She lied terribly and obviously and their complicity is astounding and now with this totally bullshit evil judge... Survival is more pressing than living and it's not right. Lavely and Singer must and will fall apart. I'm reading the autobigraphy of Joan of Arc so I'm all about being a martyr or menace etc. Whatever it takes!

Oh well I do wonder if the Asian chicken from Wendy's is worth 3.99.
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