Saturday, August 1, 2009

sua sponte
instant case
things I shouldn't have to know
in the first place

made me a part
of your simpleton's saga
it's like Beethoven being bullied
out of town
by Lady Gaga

It aint fair and it aint right and it
aint over
until you squeal,
"UNCLE... I never thought I'd lose this fight"

my middle ages
You are not going to darken
thinking of what i want to do
to you
makes me think of the nose of ellen barkin

ya oozing carbunkle

I bet you'll need a dictionary
to know what that means
cause you are an idiot
whose full of so much worse than beans(make your own f@#t joke, f*r* face)

My songs of righteous rage
don't bring to
mind a solomonic sage
but you taught me that judges are poliicians
and that the only people you
should ever have met
are morticians

It's getting late and
you've wasted another 4 of my minutes on hate(I'm really quick!)

just know
that what ain't fair
ain't right
and that is why you'll just sleep fine
till the coming day
or night

your creepy bangs
your jagged fangs
You are an absess
needs to clean this puss soaked mess

soon everyone
will see
that because of you
they'll now need
chemo thera pee

You stink, you suck, you will lose
When the right time finally comes
even you
won't want to be
in your dreadful lesbo shoes.

You aren't built well
you will go to
blah blah blah
lah lah lah

though your self nickname ryhmes with big
you are one small and stinky
blah blah blah
and lah lah lah.
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