Saturday, August 8, 2009

saturday so far sucks

Today, I reached the point where I just felt I was sacrificing my dignity already with this blogging and there comes theteenchef and writes a comment that revives the possibility of my blogging empire.

This has happened before and it must mean something.

Bad weather out there and 2 hours to go grocery shopping because the crazy bitch manager with a crazy bitch name thinks being a bitch is somehow ok. Man, she was disgusting and the transaction demanded none of this. Bought 2 packs of hebrew national hotdogs that clearly said 2 for 5 dollars. Excellent. I go to the cashier and she tells me my groceries are 57 bucks. Just seemed wrong. So in the muggy miserable parking lot I look at the receipt and I'm charged 14 dollars for these damned hot dogs. So, though, I'm at the end of my rope from other things I go in to return them and this flabby beast manager just makes trouble- goes to check and is gone like 45 minutes. Comes back with the franks and is sneering and then dissapears again with my fucking franks. Finally the suffering is over after another half hour and I go out and pull out and hit a friggin car. My luck is that the car was full of the most darling people from Utah and though I'd scratched their car and it was a rental they just said let's forget about it. I love Utahns. I do.
But, spared that I go to rite aid and though I called in medication yesterfuckingday once again they didn't fill it and I have to wait around for about an hour. Unrelenting adulthood and so many stupid assholes in this world.

Such a tedious angry post but that's all I got.
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