Tuesday, August 11, 2009

To the Mac person who reads me religously

Every day brings another twist and a demand for new gameplans. I just learned that Sieveres actually replied to my appeal. I can't wait to see how much civilly actionable stuff she includes this time around.

I bet she doesn't know that I wrote every single word of that appeal and dufus Howard Williams, the worst lawyer in the Universe, probably felt guilty for doing nothing so he was willing to sign his name to anything I did. Now, If I win and I should, and the opinion gets published I'll have to get his name off there and thank goodness I have the e-mails to prove that he spell checked and suggested I take out a few lines here and there in another version etc.

It's actually the most poorly written and least confident of my legal briefs but it might launch me to pro per glory. What a damned long and crazy trip! I don't know when it will end, but I know that losing is not an option at this time and place in our particualr stories.
I plan to be the best pro per that ever breathed, and I got only emotional backup. Now I'll probably need a stay because I am but one woman and my life has come to require the help of several law firms and all because some unpretty and unintelligent stranger who meant nothing decided she can do what she pleases and get away with it. You don't mess with eminem, Mariah -- and you don't mess with us, Mathilde Notaro and co.

I plan to make this a blog about Pro perness Or in propria personaness and there's even another term for it but i can't remember.

Here's the beginning of my rap about this that I just made up on the spot(!)

Allz I
is that I'm in
Youz got to have
money to pay the rent
and that's hard when the legal system
is keeping you all indigent
Your brain is overflowing
new levels reached,
rich with knowing
you bank account be depleted
but you and your homeys( ya'll know who you is)
be defeated.

I know
Is I'm In pauperis yo
Take that to the bank,
Tig Notaro!
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