Sunday, September 6, 2009

this is just 80 seconds worth

must start anti advertising blog. Without advertising we'd all be so much better off. Restasis, for instance. What a bang for the buck those ad people. At the end of the commercial we learn that the unusually attractive(for an eye doctor that is) also suffers from dry eye. I can't remember being so shocked/delighted since Keyser Soze.

And, then for some cereal and tons of factory workers with terrible plastic shower caps and they are so exhilirated to push this cereal on us as they you see.... are responsible for producing each nugget(it's one of those more complex cereals). In reality: a depressing life sucking factory full of barely legals who never even get near the cereal much less a nugget of one. If they could they poison the consumer in retaliation for this obnoxious commercial that has no bearing on their particularly stark state of affairs.

Yes, anti advertising blog must be made soon.
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