Tuesday, September 22, 2009

why so many hits, pits?

Almost 60 hits and only midday, as they say.

Smell in fridge growing fainter but not gone. got rid of the ragu even though not sure it was the culprit.

Off to Ralphs to find some joy in their weekly specials.

And, come Christmas -- rewards worth about 11 bucks--

Reasons to previail. Mother just said, " I want to see what you do against the redheaded shmuck." And I said,  "Who is the red headed shmuck?" and she said,  " Don't you know who the redheaded shmuck is-- the one who says he has a nice shlong..." and I go "Mommy" and she says, " I hope they know i am just repeating what the shmuck said, and I say, " of course, they wouldn't think you'd just talk about Boxenbaum's shlong," And my mother says, " I'm sure the judges will be impressed with his ... shlong."

That's what happens when you are a dirty little vicous yenta,  and talk about your shlong on the internet.

Not to mention, " you best be funny cause I'm an accomplished comedian who banters"... poor woman, poor world. And, gregozek and hoffman and the deeply repuslive tig notaro via stef willen(perhaps) have given birth to this dumbass odyssey. And, Dunn too-- and probably the vulgarian-- Marty Singer-- and his clod-- Allison Sievers-- and then the doodyish duo of Kalpakian and Waxler.

What a damned crock.
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