Sunday, September 13, 2009

Live blog coverage of the Chabad Telethon.

Chabad Telethon still on. Some yenta just said, “great news, we have the tote.” There really is no need to make anything up. Jews are giving money left and right and me and families incapacity to ask anyone for anything is striking me.
I’ll burn some other bridge to say: elon gold should not represent  jewry on any level.

20 dollars donated in memory of Jack Pomeratnz. Now 18 dollars donated for some Kushner women's 5 grandchildren. Someone is shouting “tote, tote” as they  discuss the transaction of 18 bucks for 5 grandchildren, and I’m just about singed to death, but still doing the mental math – 3 dollars and something per grandchild. Now some Isreali speaking Hebrew and it all seems so non delightfully unhip. Is it just me or is much done with the phoniest production? Download the chabad telethon for reference.

The tote has been sold I guess.

Some guy just did say something profound and now i feel guilty for my negative feelings about the "tote" and now "Howie" and let's be honest.... a certain.... self hating jewishness. What's that about?

Leslie is now with donna Miller a benefactress of some sort, and she is "amazing, and they are blessed" and i am singed beyond recognition.

Now they are humilating some guy name Gary  who has called himself a "broken man" . Leslie tells us that Gary is Jewish and broken but you don't have to be jewish to get their help. Broken shaygitzes and shiksahs may apply.

Dodgers stadium update in the midst of this madness. 
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