Sunday, September 13, 2009

Scott Boxenbaum is the dregs of the dregs, Kharlene.

 Unreal. Trying to forget my woes and some chabad telethon is on and Larry king is jewish but he can't pronounce Chabad and I can't even express in english how it should sound but that's not what is compelling me to come to this desolate place: On this telethon they are giving or selling some piece by Kharlene Boxenbaum and I'm pretty sure she is the mother of the most disgusting player in the disgusting story. Kharlene should give lots of charity if she gave birth to scott boxenbaum because this is what he did to a person who he does not know and who he bummed a cigarette off.  Scott Boxenbaum is the dregs of the earth, Kharlene. Please, have the Chabad people give him a talkng to because your son is a vicious stupid old boy.

I was going to paste what he did but it's just too ugly and now stinking Anthony Villagrossa wearing a fucking yarmulke is on the Tv and I've exploded.. His sister was the judge in my bullshit case and she was contemptible. She seemed like a lousy person on top of being a terrible judge, and I naturally associate this mayor with her and can't stand his face. By proxy, I think Shwartzenneger(who's lawyer is marty singer from lavely and singer) sucks too and I want out of this town.

Now, the nasty ass elon gold who I loathed on some strange talent show with impressions (that seems like a bad dream. ) He's telling bad jokes ,and I feel no joy in being jewish today.
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