Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm particulary dissapointed in Norton Utilities

Hi society,

There has been a precipitous decline to my blog in the last two days and I blame you. Well, not entirely but somewhat-- you can be to blame for so much and with the slighest of efforts. But, time is precious(escpecially if you make 350 dollars an hour) I spoke to a guy on Thursday who was making that and it permeated his whole being-- If I just pull a 10 hour day my day is worth 3,500 and you? It made conversation very stilted, if you get my drift. See, I don't make nearly 4 thousand dollars a day and so I can write letters to you that are full of tangents and nonsense(pretty much) and not feel as bad as that poor man would if he did the same thing. I came on to write to Gateway and Norton as they have been behaving stupidly after years of credibility and I ended up writing to society instead.  At this ungodly hour, you should be impressed that I do anything. The whole weekend was taken up with some mystery sickness that's only real symptom was tremendous exhaustion. And, not of the spiritual type but more like some lame flu that was trying to get a stranglehold on the family and exhaustion was the result of the fight. No fever. NO chills. I say we won. Saw a great movie and then when I googled it to see widespread love and admiration for it it was as if the movie hardly was released. This blog is about finding the diamonds in the rough(and it's rough) so I suggest any poor sod who comes across this blog check out " HOME MOVIE"  year 2008. I thought it was brilliant and I think the fact that Zombieland gets to be a hit and this languishes is a big shame. Seriously, anyone who liked Zombieland is really a zombie and should recognize that they stink. Don't get me going on how gross that Jesse Eisenberg was and how if I was violent ...
... Okay, "Home Movie"-- great writing, great great acting(Adrian Pasdar and the wife- Candy Mclain) and just a tight very funny and smart movie that got no real love from you, society. Chris Denham is the writer and director and I love him for it. That and 3 dollars might get him a coffee. Writing to society is frustrating. There is just too much to say and to much that might make society think I'm trying to start a fight when I'm just really trying to "conversate" and "start a dialogue" etc.

That flu is still trying and I'm tiring again.

a few more book (mystery, self help, etc) titles  or lifetime movie titles before back to sleep:

Latin for loser lawyers: The tale of the missing mens rea

Your honor has a boner: The Judge Gerald Rosenberg story

You belong on a los angeles bus bench, Grimes

False accusation on a dime: Poor advice from the Shitty Attorney of los angeles

Have you seen my gavel: The case of the ill fitting robe.

One day, I'll be a deputy D.A: The lame goals of Jennifer Waxler

Plea for pay: The dishonorable doing of the Clara Folz crew

Mary lou , Susan Rios and you: When clerks go craaaaaaaazy

Bailiff, stop staring at my backfat: The lives and loves of Felise Cohen Kalpakian

If I have to hear that fool for a client bullshit from one more fool  I'll.....

Clara Folz and Sybil Brand: A penal pair with punitive pastimes.
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