Thursday, December 3, 2009

The food there was gruel tossed into grub then mixed with slop

Oh blog,

I would have written a bye bye note before I went on my month long umm.... EXPERIENCE, but I was rushed out of the door (looong story) and into this facility where I suppose i was sent to do reportage and to stop smoking(looong story) Or was it all a crazy azz dream?

Too too much to tell you blog and too much work to do and some characters came and stole the family computers etc so it won't be as much a breeze as it was before . I can  count among my aquaintances Crips, bloods, and a murderer or two. Actually I avoided the murderers but got thier names for future googling fun. This facility I was "shipped" to was quite a "trip" and I be tripping and I be learning shiiit that would would whoop yo ass(figuratively) or maybe it be whoop just yo mind. do you feel me, blog? For some reason, the name alisa spitzberg was most exotic there and now that I'm revealing my birth name I feel apprehensive but after living in a room with gnats, lint, and a lidless steel  toilet bowl and with Lay-deeees  with the same bullet holes on their bodies as ones on my door and cabinet(see previous post) I can handle apprehensive. In the end, the carjacking crack ho porn actress commissary hustler galore and the crip ho exchanged contact info. oh. Very very soon into IT I started sussing and formed a new motto apropriate to such life changing experiences and that was ... "in here, keep you chin up and your eyes down."  What i saw and what i learned and how i handled it will be a seminal thing in years to come and I can say, " I didn't waste time doing time."  playing pretend( hey, I'm just anderson cooper on a particularly stressful assignment in Iraq or something or george orwell doing a down and out in lynwood  and department 95(wtf! bullshiiiit!) All in all, it gave my heart and soul a work out of epic proportions and both feel buff buff buff.

Have material for 3 movies, 7 books(different genres)  three plays and 78 poems.   one book title will be called- " infinite patience- it ain't personal when the bus don't come." Ah, too much to tell Blog but I suppose I'll type in the 13 letters I sent home to my mijas and scan the original pencil ones for show. No pens in the pen. Ha. Discovered commissary snacks that must be enjoyed by non captive audiences. Cactus Annie, Andy Capp and Moon lodge were revelations and kept me sane with thier rich and delish tastes.  I plan to promote those chips as soon as I get reoriented to freedom and shiitt. Those salty snacks deserve RECOGNITION.  My homegirls will know what I mean. for real-- as will thier baby daddies.

I won't go into much here today about the traumas and the sharmas and karma and all the awful and wonderful things that life brings.   Cuz I be tyerd. Tales of Freedom(and its denial for no reason whatsoever) family and food coming up. my take on a rarefied experience and the mostly rank players(deputies, lawyers, judges, jailees) are bound to show up either her or somewhere soon.

Very competently yours,
Alisa Spitzberg
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