Friday, December 4, 2009

amanda knox

what an outrage and what a miserable shame. Sadly,the american justice system is also unbearably corrupt. It's one of those things you want never to know firsthand -- yet one day you may. Luckily for Amanda Knox (And aside of her beauty and brains luck has for now and for too long abandoned her) Unlike America, Italy, for some reason, has a very clean Appelate process and her chances at any semblence of escaping the worst of nightmares still exists. I pray for her that day will come. I can't even watch any of the coverage because I know from reading the Monster of Florence  that she is in the hands of a very evil prosecutor who has done this before. TV, movies, and books and the press as a whole do not warn us much less inform us of the abuses of power we ALL are vulnerable to. Many prosecutors are a blindly ambitious bunch whose only goal is advancement - to be judges in particular. So, most judges were those same blindly ambitious monsters once. "Monsters" is not hyperbole- anyone who is willing to  steal the freedom of the innocent is as bad as it gets.
There is really no way a reasonable person would find Amanda Knox guilty and this is really a very sad day for everyone and everyone should revolt against all the corrupt justice systems. I now know firsthand that we are all living a lie in America and firsthand knowledge can happen to anyone at anytime but to believe that would cause us all great anxiety so we choose to not in any way investigate a system that is blithely destroying thousands of lives daily(the falsely prosecuted and their loved ones,) and that can destroy anyone who doesn't have OJ level money.

I wish I could reach out to Amanda Knox but she cannot be reached and it is so very sad and wrong and rotten.  How do we find a way to market the idea that we all need to become more outraged. Maybe todays heavy press coverage will do something. Maybe we'll all use the same fingers that voted for all those america idol wannabes to write or call those who have the power to do something about the diseased judicial  systems that allow an innocent girl like Amanda Knox to suffer sooooooo much.
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