Saturday, December 5, 2009

Don't get me going about the blood who wanted to show the whole holding sell "her pussy"

Someone on my pod wrote about wearing a staletoe shoe. She was a ho (her description of her way to make a living) This letter was meant for Currency(another ho's "name") but I got it and read it as I didn't know and WOW. I copied it verbatim before they let us out again and I'd have to deliver it to the intended recipient.

Soon thereafter, I met Currency as she asked for the person on the other end of the line (i was on the phone with my mother) to relay a message to Dolla Bill to put money on her books( commissary-- loooong story) My 70 year old mother always ready to help anyone-  called her pimp dolla bill shortly therafter and she was told that dolla (for short) was "under the weather" I still have  Mr. Bill's  number and I understand he is one of the less monstrous pimps. Today, I called another pimp to help out my former cellmate with a corrupt parole officer who when feeling "disrespected" sought to jail my poor bunky(looong story- bit in short, the name we all give our single cell mate) for longer than allowed by law. Law Shmaw, really. Rights? yeah, right.
 Anyhow ,I just spoke to Bunky's "lover" and pimp who is I understand(from Bunky) a devout muslim who won't eat the pork rinds  I enjoyed so when in the can.  So I called this muslim pimp/ lover of my ex cell mate and he sounded wary as most who call him don't sound like me.  .
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