Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I am simply ex-hoss-tid.

I forgot to mention my Oman reader who came here directly and I think that means that some one had to hook him or her with the unsexy sounding, Henypire.comblogspot. blogcakes.

I am currently writing two essays and 20 letters and 3 books. Ex-hoss-ting
One essay is a response to a piece in the jewish journal by a david suissa suissablog.com that asks, "What's wrong with Judasim, who do so many jews diconnect from their faith, why is it so hard to get them to go to shul?..."

I have many theories on this topic and so I'm writing an essay that  I'll probably never publish. Then I'm writing an essay op ed or just a plain old tract on why i hate the terrorists. It will be as per a comic piece on what it particular irks me about these terrorists- I guarantee it will be a very specialized loathing.
Then of course there's my "letters home from lynwood" book and my"the naive oaf's guide to american jusrisprudence" and my " Don't be smart, stupid" childrens picture book, and the "moron's guide to mormon marriage," and " the imbeciles guide to pills" which is primarily a primer on preventing overdoses etc and then there is the other 64 books that should be out in the next decade- sometime.
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