Friday, October 12, 2012

Tig Notaro is a stalker and a super freak

Non stop onslaught of hits looking for things like "Tig Notaro reputation," or "Tig Notaro lawsuit" and tons for "Tig Notaro stalker." Ooooh, it's a matter of time till any decent person gets full wind of what the extreme douchebag has done and how she was able to get away with it in courts of law. Whatta a story!

I am very busy, dear googlers, and can't yet present to you something that will fully satisfy your curiosity as to what this Tig Notaro has done and continues to do that has earned her well earned and undying emnity. There does appear to be curiousity, for whatever reason, and soon the story will make much more sense. Soon any decent person will want to spit in the smutty face of the gruesome- ness that is "Tig" Notaro.

In short, this Tig Notaro, this Mathilde Notaro buglike insect of a creature is a deranged psychopath who is capable of absolutey anything. Since that is true I can write  it without any fear of a defamation suit. She on the other hand must keep mum because she knows that she is lying and lying when she tries to maintain the illusion that she ever had a stalker. What an ugly thing to do-- to falsely accuse someone who had nothing to do with you and who would not want anything to do with you.
  Who knows what other lies she tells because from hard( and uneccessary )experience I know what a pathological and shameless liar she is.
Her  crimes have yet to be punished. It's really kind of tragic what she was able to get away with till now. But, I don't have a terminal illness and I might have lots of time yet to make sure that some justice takes place in this case.
In the  age of the internet it really is stupid and self destructive  to do things to people that are not remotely forgivable. You have to be really clueless to fuck over people in extreme ways when the internet has been invented And, believe me, these sociopaths google themselves. It bugs them to be outed. It bugs them a lot. How stupid to think that you can shatter someones name and peace of mind and steal their liberty and think any closure can result without serious consideration to making amends.
.My guess is that the sociopathic personality strikes out and doesn't think about it. Hard to understand, but it becomes clear after awhile that these sociopaths don't worry much about repurcussions. Stupid.

Gotta run, but see y'all on the stat counter.

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