Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tig Notaro stalker/Tig Notaro lies

Lots of hits for "Tig Notaro lies" and "Tig Notaro stalker."  Notaro is milking alleged adversity and won't admit that she never had a stalker, and that she, by law, is a stalker and a criminal.

  I hope these same people keep googling "Tig Notaro lies," because soon that will be presented in a way that will erase all doubt or confusion .
In the meantime, all good people who google such search terms: Tig Notaro is a ruthless con woman.  Please, be very cautious when thinking you are donating for a good cause with this Louis CK shtick. She is a master manipulator and he fell for it . Who could blame him. These sociopaths defy explanation . Shamelessness and lack of conscience can get them far with normal people.
 Notaro says that she will give proceeds from her cancer show to cancer causes. Yet, she provides no detail.  I know for a fact that Tig Notaro is a pathological liar. Ask her who she will donate the money to. Then, ask her again .Watch her forget her first story. She's one of those liars who has a terrible memory.
Anyone capable of creating a stalker, and inventing tons of scenarios, to keep the lies going, is capable of anything -- including faking cancer. This woman abused the system and stole a lot of  tax payer money to perpetuate vicious frauds against innocent people. She is a true blue psychopath .She has gotten away with it due to factors that are hard to believe, but I will try to present them ASAP.
Pay close attention to the stories she tells . She will trip herself up . She will get caught and disgraced, and it will be beautiful.
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